It’s really hard to believe this story took place nearly 20 years ago. I still recall going back to the high school where I had just graduated. I thought I was just going to watch a football game, but actually I was there to meet my future wife. Aimee and I had known each other for several years and actually had a class together. You could say we were definitely acquainted with one another, but really knew very little about one another.

            Then came the day where our eyes met and our hearts connected. I still remember her smile and how drawn to her I became. Things grew from that night to countless dates, hours of phone conversations, lots of hugs and kisses and learning how to deal with a lot of adversity together. Now, let me confess that I broke things off with my wife many times as I wondered if we were really meant to live the rest of our lives together. After all, that is a really big decision that no one should take lightly. And, as a 90 plus year old lady once told me, “Son, love is such a strong word.” It took me four and half years to finally learn what it meant to love someone. It meant making a commitment that for better or worse, richer or poorer, through sickness and health, as long as you both shall live you will say, “I Do.”

            I guess you could say I tested the waters during our time together. I considered others that God might have for me. And, then one day I came to the conclusion that I was running from the one I could not live without. Call me sappy, but I remember writing in a prayer journal I had at the time the following. “Dear God, I am confident today that it is your will that I marry Aimee Lynn Perrin. After coming to this conclusion I didn’t waste any more moments. I went straight to making plans hoping she would say YES.

            After getting a loan from my mom at that time, I went to a local Charleston jeweler and purchased a diamond ring. Next, I contacted California Dreaming and booked a table with a perfect window view. Dressed in my Sunday’s best I popped a question that has forever changed my life. Aimee, will you marry me? Thank God above, she said YES. Some six months after that we walked the aisle of the church, stood before my pastor, and exchanged sacred vows that are still holding true to this day.

            Now, after 15 years together, four boys later, and a lot of ups and downs we are still walking hand in hand. Not because we’re perfect, not because we never fight, and not because life has been easy. But, we have chosen everyday we’ve woken up that no matter what comes our way we’re “All In.” Now, this is not intended to blast anyone’s marriage that has not lasted. Things happen, commitments fail, and many times people walk the isle clueless as to what or who they are committing the rest of their life too. In the end, a successful marriage is all about a match made in Heaven. God brings two people together and those two people learn how to fall in love with each over and over again. I am way more in love with my wife today than I ever was twenty years ago. One, I understand more now that love is a matter of commitment, not just a feeling. Also, we’ve shared even more together over the years and I’ve learned even more her value, her love, and her trustworthiness.

            My friends, these same things hold true about our relationship with Jesus. Many people are acquaintances with Jesus. They know of him, they’ve heard a lot about him, but they really don’t personally know him. Then there are those who are convenient followers of Jesus. They call on him and refer to Him when life is weighing them down. They call on him when death is near, a relationship is about to crash, or a child has gone astray. But, they never really give him their hearts. They cry out to God for mercy, but not in repentance.

            Here is when your life is forever changed. The day you realize that you need not date another God the rest of your life. That Jesus loves you so much he gave his life on a cross so that you and Him might have a forever relationship. You see, Jesus doesn’t just want to meet with you during crisis or just on Sunday mornings. Jesus wants to walk with you morning, day, and night. He promises to forgive you of all you sins. He promises to save your soul if you’ll wholeheartedly believe in Him. And, Jesus promises to never leave you nor forsake you both in this life and throughout eternity.

            My friend, have you just been referencing or dating Jesus for years. If so, your life won’t ever change until you decide to totally commit your heart. Jesus has already said, I do when he died on that cross for your soul. The question is WILL YOU SAY I DO TO JESUS? I pray you make this eternally life changing decision soon!

            Just sincerely say this prayer, “Dear God, I admit my sin to you. Please forgive me for all the times I’ve failed you. I believe in you Jesus, that you died, that you were buried, and that you arose from the grave. And, because you conquered death, I too can live forever because of you. Jesus, come into my heart. And, lead my life from this point forward. Thank you God, for saving my soul.

            Romans 10:9 says, “If you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord, you will be saved.”

*Please contact me personally should you want to know even more about this life changing decision to follow Jesus.

God Bless



2 Comments on “HOW I MET MY WIFE”

  1. Wonderful “story” of how you and Aimee have come to this very day! Thanks! Always pray you the best! Love, “Pastor’ & “Mrs. Carlene” P.S. Would enjoy seeing you soon!


  2. Aimee and I talked tonight about making plans to visit you and Mrs. Carlene in the very near future. Private message me your phone # and I will be in touch soon. God bless.


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