The Brain Is Broke, The Spirit Is Alive

Dimentia Man

He was lying in bed seemingly asleep. I entered the room and our eyes met for the first time. Some would think he was totally confused. Many would not even attempt to have a conversation with someone doctors say has lost their mind. But, experience has taught me that as long as the soul is there, so is the person.

This hospice patient looked deeply into my eyes as God created a heart connection between us. I began to sing familiar hymns full of truth and he just listened. I read scripture from God’s word and assurred him of God’s continued presence. I reminded him that even when words don’t come, God still hears each prayer. I did wonder for a few minutes whether he was really understanding what I was saying.

But, then he grabbed my hand very firmly. He looked at me as if we had been part of the same family for years. I could tell quickly that the same spirit that lives in me, lives in him. From that moment on I knew our time together was more than words.

I observed what I’ve seen so many times with others who can’t speak, but still have faith in Christ. God’s spirit communicates things words can’t express. Somehow God speaks things from one heart to another. You can feel God’s presence strongly in the room. What might sound like a one sided conversation is actually a divine encounter. An encounter not established by man, but created by God.

Maybe you have a loved one that can’t think or communicate like they did in the past. Maybe they can’t even recall your name or verbally respond to your words. Realize that words aren’t always necessary to communicate love, faith, or hope. A simple prayer by their bedside can lift their faith. The reading of scripture can bring hope. A hymn of faith could remind them that God is still there. And, just God’s presence working through you can assure them they are still loved dearly.

(Romans 8:26)And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. For example, we don’t know what God wants us to pray for. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words.


1 Comments on “The Brain Is Broke, The Spirit Is Alive”

  1. Thanks! Well written article about such an important subject! People are persons always – no matter what ailment they have! You surely proved it in your visit with this dear man! God bless and use you more and more!


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