Miracle On Chestnut Street

Little John Miracle Baby

I received the following text message from a friend on Saturday night, April 22nd at approximately 11:26pm. “Sorry to bother you so late. Chris and Fannie’s baby John is being flown to MUSC. He has a fractured skull and is not responding. He walked behind a bat after it was swung and was hit in the head. Chris (his dad) is also in the emergency room as they thought he may have had a heart attack.”

 Honestly, I felt like I could have a heart attack just hearing what just happened to my friend’s 2 year old little boy. I would soon find out that both the baby and the family were presently still at Colleton Medical as they awaited the arrival of the helicopter that would fly Little John to MUSC Children’s Hospital.

 I arrived at Colleton Medical shortly before Little John and the family departed. The fear I saw in each parent’s eyes said it all. Both were literally scared to death as they just weren’t sure what the next moment might hold for their little boy. By the grace of God, John was still breathing and was now somewhat responsive. As I led the entire family in prayer that frantic night all I could do was beg God for a miracle if it were His will to save Little John.

 Now, anyone taking a full bat swing to the back of their head would be lucky survive. But, when you’re only a toddler the odds of your survival decrease significantly. The next day after Little John’s accident I get the following text message concerning his condition at MUSC. It read, “His Skull fracture is on major vessels. They did more scans and all the doctors are reviewing them. Then, they will decide what to do next.”

 Well, while the doctors continued pondering what they should do, God began revealing even more what He could do. They decided at that time that it was best they let some of the swelling go down before they did anything further. Messing with what they presently saw on those scans let them know they would need some divine intervention.

Little John After Surgery TUBES


Little John After Surgery STUFFED ANIMAL

Recovering So You Can See What God Can Do!

Literally, just two days later after this breathtaking accident, Little John was holding his daddy’s hand and smiling. In fact, he and his little brother were eating Krispy Kreme donuts in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit together. Now what once appeared life threatening doctors said simply appeared as bruising in the back of his head.

Little John Krispy Kreme

Who Can Resist Krispy Kreme?

 On April 24th, just 4 days after this accident John would have surgery on the back of his head. On April 26th, just 6 days after a blow to his head that should have easily taken his life, he was released to come home. On April 26th, just 8 days after that nightmare night Little John attended the afternoon wedding of his Aunt and Uncle.


Daddy Let’s Go Home!

 When I saw this child myself in person I could not believe my eyes. There was no longer a cast or any protective covering on the back of his head. In fact, there was no sign of anything wrong with this 2 year old kid who just stared death in the face only 8 days before. All I could say is “How great is our God!” And, I can tell you that I saw firsthand a miracle that lives on Chestnut Street. I saw the face of God when I looked into the eyes of Little John that day. And, I told his parents, “that in over 23 years of ministry dealing with countless crisis I had never seen a miracle like what God did in the life of Little John. And, it’s something that will inspire my belief in miracles for the rest of my life.”

Little John Wedding

Little John on the right heading to a wedding!

 (Matthew 19:26)(NIV) Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Christopher “John” Hiers IV is the son of Christopher John Hiers Sr. & Fannie Hiers. Both of them and their family are so appreciative of all the prayers many in our community prayed on their behalf.

2 Comments on “Miracle On Chestnut Street”

  1. The gracious God of might and miracles shows up again and restores a beloved youngster’s wholeness! Praise His Wonderful Name! Trust that he and his family are still doing well?


  2. Yes pastor crosby, what a great god we serve , Lil john is my grandson that I love so much, thank you for your prayers and support, another miracle in this family god bless.


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