Deer Man

     Someone reading this will thank me later. Sadly, we are coming up on that time of the year where passions run high, but many things that matter are neglected. Yes, I’m talking about deer hunting and football season. These two hobbies have proven deadly in many relationships overtime. Please allow me to explain why we must keep these things in perspective.

     One, anything you worship will take you off track. Too much of anything other than Jesus is rarely a good thing. It’s one thing to enjoy something, it’s another thing for your life to revolve around it. Make sure your wife doesn’t feel like she is single, your kids don’t feel you don’t care, and that you don’t make football or deer hunting your God. Neither of these things are worth losing your marriage or missing precious moments with your kids.

     Two, following the crowd will get you into trouble. Too often, men we are being led by others instead of leading. Spending too much time around others who have priority issues will always rub off on you. Without meaning to it’s very easy to get swept away by the strong current around you. Football fans remember it’s just a game. Hunters remember that a deer head hanging on the wall means nothing if you lose the love and respect of your family in the process.

     Finally, make sure you consistently aim for balance. I still remember my wife asking me, “Do you have to watch every game of every team?” This was back when under no circumstance did I want to leave the house if any college football game was on television. I have since learned that all my wife was asking was for me to find a balance. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can enjoy doing something and yet still keep life in perspective.

     Please know these words come from someone who has personally struggled in these areas. I’ve watched way too many guys throw out corn to catch a deer, while at home they are losing their wife. I’ve seen just as many football fans get obsessed with a sport that will always have a winner and loser. Don’t let the things you love, lead you to lose the people you love even more!