Dear Colleton Medical Center

Colleton Medical Center

I’ve spent most of my life in ministry. I understand what it takes out of you to come alongside people in need. You give at times when you feel you have nothing left to give. You care at times when you really need someone to care about you.

I know how rewarding it is to feel you are God’s vessel, to feel God has handpicked you for a particular task that has greater impact than you may see at the time. There is no doubt that “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

I also know what it feels like for people to jump to conclusions about you. To think they know your heart. To think things are as simple as they appear. When in reality, they have no idea just how big of shoes you are wearing.

I’ve heard a lot of folks over the past years talk negatively about Colleton Medical Center. For many reasons I feel led to share some positive light on this institution. I guess I’ve learned that hospitals and churches have one thing in common for sure: they both can be quickly judged for an isolated incident and even things beyond their control. I’m in and out of this hospital daily. I know many of the employees firsthand. I’ve seen their efforts from the first floor to the top. The more I’ve seen, the more I believe a new story needs to surface. Here is what I know for sure:

First of all, there is no doubt that many depend on this local hospital. Especially when you’re fighting for your life and you don’t have time to ride thirty extra miles down the road. You need folks ready and willing to take care of you right in your backyard. Day and night, Colleton Medical is there to provide just what you need in possibly your greatest time of need. Thank God!

Secondly, there is no doubt that Colleton Medical is full of compassionate and competent team members. I’ve seen the hearts and efforts of so many locals who work at Colleton. Many of them could work at any hospital, but they’ve chosen to keep their heart and talents in Walterboro. I’ve always said, that no one cares for their own like their own. In that hospital are some of the finest people I know. People that I would be honored to have by my hospital bedside.

Thirdly, the truth is working in the medical field is just not easy. Only God has the power to bring ultimate healing, but many expect these folks to be miracle workers. Yes, God does use them, but they too are totally dependent on a higher power. Often what man calls an accident, God calls an appointment. It’s important we don’t get those two things confused.

Now, I could share many more things and stories. But, I just want all those who work so hard at Colleton Medical Center to know you are making a difference. This community or this County would not be the same without you. I have personally grown to appreciate each of you. And, I thank God for sending you to Colleton County.

(Philippians 1:3) Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.

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