40 Days Take Two

Written: 3/18/19

Here I am again right where I found myself eight months ago. Well, not exactly where I was but my I’m not far from it. The past few months has exposed just how far I still have to go. My body is still broken, my nerve damage is still life altering and I’m gasping for recovery momentum once again. The only thing that has changed is my ability to endure, regroup and believe God for my much needed breakthrough.

Now, there are several encouraging points as I begin another 40 day faith walk. One, I know what God can do in just forty days of total devotion to Him. Two, I know what I need to do as I get back to walking through this pain. The past experiences and trials have taught me well. Thirdly, I’m not just thinking about what I need to do I’ve already started doing it.

Besides obligations I just couldn’t relinquish I’ve daily been saying no to any unnecessary demands. I’m focused nightly on getting the rest my body desperately needs. I’m focused daily on keeping the boundaries that must now be my normal. I’m returning back to daily, intentional walking that the past has proven is critical to better days of health. And, I’m being completely honest with those around me concerning my constant struggle.

I know from before that this will not feel like a 40 yard dash. It will be a step by step makeover of obedience to God. God has once again told me to fast from all social media. That alone with disconnect me from too much of the culture and make me more in tune to hearing God’s voice. To crank things up I will get back to daily scripture meditation since it’s the primary way God speaks to us. Here I go again into familiar yet unfamiliar territory. Lord Jesus take me by the hand and lead me towards the path of healing and wholeness.

“Then Jesus left them a second time and prayed, “My Father! If this cup cannot be taken away unless I drink it, your will be done.” Matthew 26:42

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