The Stats Do Matter

My body is definitely in need of some quality rest. The last four days straight have been very fruitful. However, they have been way too busy and long. I don’t have to look long at my Fitbit stats to recognize the problems. The past has proven the stats do matter.

Now, I’m been doing great at keeping my daily walking under 3 miles daily. But, I’m been averaging 10-12 hours of activity daily. I’ve learned 7-8 hours should be my daily max. I’ve been averaging under 7 hours sleep nightly when my body requires 8-9 hours. No wonder I’ve been coming home every night and having to spend many hours in a tub for relief.

So, tomorrow morning I will do nothing all morning. I will seek to get the rest my body desperately needs. I will give my mind rest from having to work so much. I will seek to make the next few days a lot shorter work days. This is why I keep my Fitbit charged at all times. The stats and facts speak for themselves. They provide revelation, confirmation and direction.

“Test me, Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind;

Psalm 26:2

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