Daddy Prayed For Me

Well, after literally being up all last night. I’m hoping my nighttime meds will have me fast asleep soon. Tomorrow is not just any Sunday for me. It’s world changing resurrection Sunday. I really want to be at my very, very best. However, I’m not actually feeling my best right now.

My voice has been struggling since last night. So I’ve sipped on a few cups of hot apple cider and swallowed some honey. I’ve also been limiting my words as much as possible. I only made one phone call today and that was to check on my parents.

Fortunately, dad’s pain was under control at that moment. I told dad that my voice was struggling and my body was weary. I’ve just put a lot of effort into getting ready for multiple Easter services both online and in person. I told him if he was up to it I needed to changed places with him tonight. I told dad this time I needed him to pray over me.

Of course, he stated that he always prays for me. But, that he would be glad to pray right now with me. In that moment, dad had no limitations whatsoever. Why? Because the power found in prayer is not about our strength or stamina. It’s about seeking God for the supernatural that only He can deliver in Jesus name.

I don’t recall every word he prayed. It did stand out that he said “Lord it’s in our weakness we learn how to find our true strength in you.” My past brokenness walking in pain and dad’s present brokenness has really put us both on the same wave length. We know we can’t even walk without God holding our hand.

Any brokenness in dad’s voice was not just because he is getting weaker. It’s because the weaker he gets the more he is aware of his desperate need for God to breath life into him. Dad’s sincere prayer over me increased my peace and raised my expectations. I know we serve a God who can and will take care of our every need. When you do what’s right according to God’s will you can’t go wrong. I look forward to God taking my little and doing a whole lot more due to His resurrection power. Now, it’s time to get some sleep!

“Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” James 5:16

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