Money Matters

I think we can admit that money is a hot topic in every household. Especially these days when things are tight for most and tough decisions have to made. Maybe you are at a point where you need a financial makeover? Or maybe you just need a renewed perspective when it comes to money? Here are ten things I’ve learned about money and still learning……

 1.  Society should never be my role model. (Most people are drowning in debt)

 2.  If I don’t manage my money, my money will manage me.

 3.  A budget is always necessary and it frees me to focus on more important things.

 4.  Money is something to be utilized, but never idolized.

 5.  God is my provider and will always make sure I have what I NEED.

 6.   Worrying about money all the time FIXES NOTHING.

 7.   You will never have enough…Learn to be content with what you have…

 8.  Honor God with every dollar and He will bless your every dollar!

 9.  It really is more blessed to give than it is to receive.

 10.  I will give an account one day for how I manage what God gave me in the first place.

 *Not only are these things practical, but everyone one of them are biblical.

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