3 Things Every Parent Should Know

1.  Your kids need you! More than the bills paid, more than pop corn and the movie, your kids need you. Yes, I know you’ve got to work and you are very busy. But, you must make time to spend with each of your children. As you know, they grow up quick and you will wish you spent more time with them later.

*I have four boys of my own as most of you know. I try as often as possible to have daddy days with each one of them individually. During that time I may take one of them fishing, to get ice cream, or just on a ride with me to do something for someone in need. The main goal is that I spend time with them, letting them know I care, and listening to what is going on in their life. Nothing spells love like TIME. Your kids know when they are a top priority to you and whether they are more important than your work, your church, and any other commitments you might have.

2.  Your kids are watching you!  Yes, I know that’s pretty scary, but so true. Kids are smarter than we give them credit. They see how we treat our spouse, they see how we spend our time, they see how we handle life. One thing we all have to remember is that each day of parenting is an opportunity of preparation. My kids won’t live with me all my life, so it is my God given role to prepare them for life without me. We teach loudest by what we do, not just by what we say. What is your life teaching your child.

*I sincerely believe most parents dearly love their children, but most of us are failing miserably in the area of leading by example.

3.  Your kids are following you. It’s been said that 85% of children will follow in their parents footsteps. So, where are you leading your children. If they follow you dad, what kind of man will they become? If they are following you Mom, what kind of woman will they become? They will learn from you how a marriage should or should not work. They will learn from you how a family should or should not function. Yes, others will have influence on your children, but the primary influencer in the end will be parents. For good or bad, for better or worse, your influence will matter.

*I pray that everyone one of us will fully accept the God given blessing of raising up our children in the way God would have us to do.

I could write much more on this matter. But, I would love for you to add your thoughts. What are some things you believe parents really need to know and make priority in raising their kids?

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