15 Things You Might Not Know About Us

Every marriage made in Heaven has a story of how God brought two people together. Looking back it is always amazing to see how God’s will is not limited by distance or circumstance. In celebration of our 15 Years of Marriage here are : 


1) Aimee was born in El Paso, Texas and I was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Her dad served in the Army and my dad served in the Marines.

2) We met at St. George High School, but never started dating until I graduated and Aimee was a junior.

3) Early into dating, Aimee and I both attended a Youth Bible Study. Later that night, out in my car I had the joy of leading my wife into a life changing relationship with Jesus.

4) Aimee did not grow up going to church often and I never even thought about being a preacher.

5) Aimee and I both attended Charleston Southern University. GO BUCS!

6) We went to seminary at SWBTS in Fort Worth, Texas. We moved 18 hours away from all family and friends with our first child Matthew who was 5 months old at the time.

7) In just 15 years of marriage we’ve moved all of our stuff and belongings to 12 different locations and homes. We still have things that have been boxed for years.

8) In the last 15 years God has called us to serve at seven different churches as youth pastor, associate pastor, founding pastor, and presently chaplain at Hospice.

 9) Aimee and I have both been in what could have been life ending car wrecks. Aimee broke the windshield with her head, was covered in blood and came home two hours later from MUSC hospital. I was hit head on by a drunk driver who ran straight through a stop sign at 55 mph. Both cars were more than totaled and we both walked away with no major injuries. I guess that proves we both have hard heads and that God has the final say!

10) In October 2004, we literally left everything to start a church in St. George, SC my hometown. We left all income, lived with family for six months, and our boys were 5, 3, & 1 at that time. All we knew was God was in charge and we were clueless. I worked two jobs, plus the church, and within six months GracePointe Church was the largest church in Upper Dorchester County.

11) On our 10th anniversary Aimee and I went on our first every cruise together to the Bahamas. I sang her about a 100 songs at karaoke, whileshe rolled her eyes until I quit.

12). Aimee has put together practically every piece of furniture in our home. I do however, cut the grass and help with house work! I may turn my man card in after telling you this, but the truth is the truth. It just boils down to she actually reads the directions!

13) In 15 years we’ve been blessed with four healthy boys. They are now in 8th, 6th, and 3rd grade…(Oh and there is a 2 ½ yr old that runs wild . Aimee deserves 4 gold medals because each of these big boys came into this world basically 9 pounds or bigger a piece.

 14) We have gone on some kind of “Couple Only” retreat every year we’ve been married. We both have always believed that we must make time for our relationship.

 15) Aimee and I have a much closer relationship today than we ever had when we first started out. We’ve learned and are still learning how to communicate and live with one another in an understanding way. I’ve gotten a lot smarter over time. I actually listen to my wife!










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