If you live on this imperfect planet full of imperfect people you will be hurt, misunderstood, and treated unjustly at some point. Even Jesus the only perfect person to grace this planet faced this reality. It is so important that each of us understand where much of this behavior comes from and that each of us are capable of this hurtful behavior. Here are many of the reasons people say and do hurtful stuff.


We’ve all been guilty of saying things about people that we have not observed first hand or received from a credible source. We’re ignorant of what we’re sharing, but we share it as if its certain truth. What is spoken out of ignorance becomes a rumor that can hurt someone deeply and majorly disrupt their life.


This is probably the chief reason people say hurtful stuff. Anytime a person is still operating out of an unforgiving heart, a jealous spirit, and a deep rooted bitterness expect that person to operate like an animal with rabies. When we operate out of bitterness we naturally do and say things that we believe could make the other person hurt like us and make the score at least even.


I have always said that trials in this life either make us bitter or better. Adversity does have the potential to build our character, but it for sure reveals our character. As we grow up and develop greater character we learn how to step back and not be so quick to react in the heat of the moment. Character is a reflection of someone’s heart condition and out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.


Many of the grumpiest and most defensive people you know fall in this category. It’s been said that misery loves company. The most miserable people I know are the loudest, most defensive, and most destructive people I know. Like a person drowning they quickly pull others under water even though you may sincerely be trying to help them. These people only want what we all want, PEACE. But, because they are miserable they make others miserable simply by association.They are acting out the overflow of where they are and not everything they do should be taken so personal.


Tell me you’ve not spoken words that you wish you could take back. Anytime we speak before we think it’s rarely a good thing. Anytime we speak everything we are thinking we are bound to say careless words that negatively affect others lives. The Bible makes it clear that we need to be slow to speak because our words do matter.


We all deep down are like little kids. We will take attention anyway we can get it….Positive or Negative. Feeding a negative person with attention associated with their behavior is just adding fuel to a fire. It just keeps it burning and burning. Believe it or not, one of the best ways to limit “potty mouth” is to not be quick to react and feed them with attention that only fuels their behavior.


Parents our kids will follow our patterns and examples. There are a lot of grown children raising children these days. There are for sure a lot of homes where God’s way is never mentioned. Behavior and for sure attitudes are contagious. There does come a point where each of us can’t just blame the homes we grew up in and the things we deal with in this life. We have to take responsibility for our actions and realize we will give account for every action and word spoken.


We are all instruments made for God’s glory. However, there is some truth to someone saying, “The Devil Made Me Do It.” At all times, we are either being led by the Spirit of God or the Flesh. The flesh is sinful and can quickly spout out words that pierce like a knife and make people around feel worthless. Anytime I’m not being led by God, I’m allowing the devil to lead my thoughts and my actions. We can’t ever expect someone full of the devil to act like they are full of God.

 I would like to wrap all this up by saying the following. We need not compare ourselves to one another or point the finger at others for all they have done. We are all sinners in need of God’s grace, mercy, and forgiveness! Rather, we need to pray for each other and deal with the junk in our own trunk. Yes, someone may have hurt you for one of the above reasons, but you have to let it go. God will bring justice in the end and you won’t fix anything by dwelling on the uncontrollable. Take account for your own actions and pray for even those who persecute you. God loves you and God loves them. Jesus died for us all……Praise God, Praise God!

 (Matthew 12:36)But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken.




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