7 Things That Could Make You HYPER SENSITIVE….

Do you overreact to the slightest remarks, blow things completely out of context, and just look for someone to say something so you can call foul? Do you walk around like a bulldog just waiting for a reason to come unleashed? Are you hyper sensitive?

7 Things That Could Make You HYPER SENSITIVE….

#1: You take everything TOO PERSONAL.

You can’t take everything someone says or does so literal or personal. You may not agree with their thoughts or actions. They may not agree with yours. But, each person has to make their own choices and will answer to the same God. Many just need to take a chill pill, cut the grass in their own backyard, and not take everything others do so personal.

#2: You are BITTER.

 Anyone with unresolved heartache and pain can be triggered at the drop of a hat. Their claws come out and the words fly carelessly because things are so stirred inside. With just the slightest push or word a bitter person begins to vomit and retaliate because of the hurt they feel inside.

#3: You are JEALOUS.

 Some people spend their lives comparing what they have with what others have. When jealously develops it leads to resentment. A person begins to hate and even attack someone simply because they feel they’ve been cheated in this life.

#4: You care way too much WHAT OTHERS THINK ABOUT YOU.

If you put too much stock in what others think about you, you will stay hypersensitive. Not everyone is going to agree with you, like you, and even love you. You can‘t live to please everyone and you can’t allow everyone to determine your  self-worth.


You think every FaceBook post is about you and everybody is against you. You feel you are the victim in every situation and you’re not going to take it anymore. So, you lash out at people who don’t even have anything to do with your past or pain.

#6:  You are starving for ATTENTION.

Just like kids, many are starving for attention in this life. And, you don’t care how you get it, you want it whether positive or negative. You say and do things hoping to get a rise and response from someone. To that I simply say…..GROW UP! That is not the way a mature person deals with their differences and for sure that is not how a Christ follower should.

#7:  You live in THE PAST.

 All of us have a past, but some have had more difficult ones than others. The question is not do you have a past, but have you dealt with your past? The past can make you better or keep you bitter.  Living in the past for most means wallowing in self pity and seeking to take out my frustrations on others. Listen, the past will continue to pull you down, until you are willing to let it go.

Well, this is not an exhaustive list by any means. But, these are some things that God has been impressing upon my heart of recent in regards to Hyper Sensitivity. I pray that God will help us each in these areas of struggle so that we live more confidently, inste

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