Many know that I’m not that guy who is seeking to make a name for himself. In fact, I’m that guy that totally agrees with the experts who say, “If you can do anything other than start a church, go do it!” Why? Because I know personally it will take sweat, tears, patience, faith and is definitely a God-sized task. Here are 10 things that motivate me to action at this time…..


My journey to this decision did not start days ago or months ago. But, I believe this was a part of God’s plans years before I was even born. After many sleepless nights, long conversations, and consistent prayer God has led me to know that His will is for me to start Refuge Church right here in Walterboro, SC.


As a hospice chaplain, I meet new people every day all throughout this county and in surrounding counties. There is one thing I don’t need anyone to tell me…..unchurched and lost people are everywhere. Dealing with countless deaths I perform many of the funerals because most today have not even a slight connection to any area church. Most around us are “Harassed, Helpless, Sheep without a Shepherd.” As Believers we have something to offer and His name is Jesus.


I’m not going to bash any particular church. But, most churches are set up for church people. They do preach God’s word, Love People, & provide encouraging words for those who attend their services. The problem is the people on the outside the church are not coming inside the church. Few churches have gotten the memo that the church must go to them. This simply means we must be a church that understands we have to put together a specific plan for reaching people otherwise we’re just gathering to get spiritually fat together. Sorry, if this offends anyone reading this, but the truth speaks for itself. There are over 150 churches throughout Colleton County alone and yet at least 30,000 out of 38,000 people don’t attend any of them.


Anytime we are serious about loving people, lifting Jesus, and leading people to take up their cross and follow Him amazing things happen. If we continually throw out our fishing rods in the direction God tells us to we will catch a harvest that will blow our minds.


Yes, there are churches on every corner, but most of them all look the same. We aren’t trying to be just another southeastern church, but a church that is filling a need that is not being met. There is not a doubt in my mind that Refuge Church by taking a much different approach to ministry can make a “HUGE DIFFERENCE”. Our simply ministry philosophy of Loving, Lifting, and Leading people to Jesus will be just what many unreached are looking for in a church.


Effective church plants especially in recent years have proven that their impact can be huge. When a group of unselfish believers come together with one mind and one mission the sky is the limit.


Every man, woman, boy, & girl on the planet has a God shaped void within them. Even if they don’t know it, everyone around us is seeking to know why God has them on this earth. Thousands are looking for someone to love them and a church that will embrace them where they are with the Hope of Christ.


As you read this, America is more broken than ever before. What better time to reach out to a lost and dying world than now! We can reach as many people as we will take time to love, lift, and lead.

#9  I’VE NEVER GOTTEN USE TO IT…I still have this written on the front page of my Bible. “Dear God, Help me never get used to men, women, boys and girls dying and going to Hell.” As long as I have breath in me and know there is something I can do to make a difference, I plan to die trying to reach out to another lost soul.

If you’re looking for just another Holy Huddle where you can do things your way Refuge Church is not the place for you. We will be serious about breaking down barriers that have been keeping people from church for years. We will not be operating hindered by church politics, denominational preferences, and doing things that only appeal to church people. We want to be the church, not just have church. Life is too short and uncertain for anything else.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but for sure a great top ten that motivates me to keep pressing forward!



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