God’s Angels

Being a part of Hospice has helped me put life into greater perspective and learn to truly take one day at time. For every family we’ve had the opportunity to serve and for those I’ve had the joy of serving with I will forever be grateful. Here is a poem I’ve written for all my co-workers and friends that operate daily as God’s Angels.


We are God’s angels, many have said

“It means so much, when you stay by our bed.”


God sends us to homes, where people reside

There is always someone on their last earthly ride.


When people hear “hospice”, they often fear the worst

Our job is to show them how end of life care works.


We help them find comfort, quality and care

Even if they feel life is not always fair.


Everything we do and all that we say

Has much greater impact than we see today.


Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry

Sometimes we even ask God, “Why?”


We wish we had some kind of miracle ointment

Instead we prepare them for their final appointment.


Regardless your role in the office or the field

You do make a difference, that much is real.


So, don’t forget your calling or why you are here

There are too many people in need of you, dear.


When we all get to Heaven we will then understand

Why it was so important we kept holding their hand.


We are God’s angels with a very clear calling

To come alongside the weak and catch the falling.

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