We’ve Created A Monster

GrinchThatStoleChristmasAs most of you know, I have four boys ages 16, 14, 12, and almost 6 years of age. Of course they look forward to seeing what Santa and others will bring them this Christmas. The older I get the more I feel things have really got out of hand. It seems that people everywhere act like it’s the end of the world if their children don’t get everything they’ve put on their Christmas list. SERIOUSLY???? Here are some things I’ve learned…

#1 You would never know times are hard. People during this time of year still spend money like its water. Even before now, Aimee and I have always operated off a budget for Christmas and have resisted the urge to think our children must have everything off their wish list.

#2 Your child won’t die if they don’t get that…new phone, flat screen, or lap top. No, there is nothing wrong with them having those things if you can truly afford them, but don’t act like them not receiving those items is going to destroy them. If them not receiving a certain gift is that big of a deal you’ve got much bigger problems.

 #3 The more they have the more they want…..Buying more and more stuff for your children just creates a monster. Trust me I have seen this with my own kids in the past. Kids can easily have a sense of entitlement and grow to believe that money does grow on trees. They need to learn the following as early as possible in this life….WE DON’T ALWAYS GET WHAT WE WANT.

 #4 If you can’t pay your light bill you shouldn’t buy it. Many people who tell me they can’t even pay their basic bills spend four times as much as we do on Christmas gifts. Sometimes you just need to be honest with yourself, your children, and responsible with the money you have in the bank. If you broke, you broke. The most important things in this life can’t be bought with money anyway.

 #5 Christmas should be a joyous experience, not a stressful event.   Christmas should be seen as the most wonderful time of the year. A time we celebrate hope that entered the world through the birth of a tiny baby. Jesus is a gift that we should celebrate daily and share daily. Its truly the gift that keeps giving to all generations.

     Before you flood me with hate mail or think I am trying to steal your Christmas fun understand I am just like you. I want to be able to give my children everything, but I can’t afford it. I would love to make all their dreams come true, but I can’t. I love the thrill of Christmas morning and the giving of gifts. But, I want to make sure that I always keep these things in perspective. At the end of the day the greatest gifts I could ever give my kids is Faith, Hope, and Love. These are gifts that will always maintain their value and keep giving way beyond any gift under the tree. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

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