5 Reasons You Should Get A Divorce

I’ve seen so many marriages fall apart that I’m begining to think I”m abnormal for staying with my wife. It breaks my heart to watch friends, family, and even total strangers see their happily ever after come to an end. If you’re still married I pray you will read the following. 5 Reasons You Should Get A Divorce


Let me see, you just aren’t feeling like you once did about your spouse. Back when it was just the two of you, life was fun, and you were crazy about each other. Well guess what you’re now a grown up. And, grown ups have bills, jobs, and responsibilities. And, its real easy to let those grown up things grow between the two of you. Maybe what you need to do is start back spending quality time with each other. You can’t expect anything from a relationship you don’t invest anything into. And, you also need to understand that love and lust are two different things. Lust is when we are attracted to someone which will fade with time. Love is a commitment to honor,cherish, and care for someone no matter what. Any relationship can grow stale and be in need of a tune up. Invest in the relationship you have before you start looking ahead.


Satan has a field day with this one. You are convinced that someone will treat you better and be more perfect than the spouse you have. The reason you think that is because you don’t live with them and you don’t really know them. There are no perfect partners and there are no perfect marriages. Marriage is work and requires mutual commitment. I have sat down with so many people who have jumped ship only to look back and realize what a terrible mistake they made.


We throw around the word divorce like its a roll of toilet paper. If one relationship doesn’t work out we’ll just run to the next one. Yet, God doesn’t just say he dislikes divorce, but he says “I HATE DIVORCE.” Why because he created marriage to be a lifetime commitment. When you said those vows to each other it was a commitment to your spouse and to God. God does care about your marriage and he wants you to fight for it with everything you have inside.


Maybe you will, but if so you’ll be in a minority. Not sure of my statistics right now, but last time I checked 2nd marriages had even a lower success rate than 1st marriages. Why? Because people carry into them many of the same issues they never resolved in the past. Plus, those partners have to deal with the mess created in the past and the new mess they will create with their new spouse.


I had someone recently tell me that she and her husband went through a difficult divorce. I said, “Mam, I’ve never heard of a not difficult divorce.” Every divorce is heartbreaking, family dividing, and chaotic in so many ways. Before you walk away and give up on your marriage you need to be sure you’ve done everything within your power to make it work. And, then I would personally suggest that you seek out some christian counseling. No marriage, I repeat, No marriage is not worth fighting for!

Now, for those of you who have already gone through a difficult divorce I pray God brings you healing and that your present relationships will flourish. But, for those of you who are still in this worthwhile fight called marriage please listen to me. God wants your marriage to work and with his help you can make it through any challenge.

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