It’s never easy to say goodbye to someone you loved so much. When you least expect it you have one of those moments that just grabs your heart and takes you back in time. It may be a picture, a place, and many times a song that takes you back to those memories of yesterday. Our memories bring with them smiles, tears, joy, and pain. If you’re human you know what I’m talking about my friend.

            As I write this, I am listening to the song “Here Comes Goodbye” by Rascal Flatts and looking at a picture of my grandma who left this world a little over a year ago. On one hand I know how blessed I was to have her in my life for 37 years. We shared together many meals, conversations, and endless laughs. She was so strong, yet so loving. She was such a great listener, yet would be the first to tell you what she thought when you finished talking.

            I can still recall her bringing me ice cream when I was sick with countless sore throats. Every birthday she made me and most of her grandchildren a homemade carrot cake. Between you and me, she absolutely spoiled me all my life. My wife could never tell me no because she knew I could always call on Grandma for anything.

            Throughout my early years of ministry and beyond she was my biggest supporter and cheerleader. From Texas, to Georgia, and back to South Carolina I could always count on her to be there. Man, I miss that woman the more I think about all she meant in my life. But, I knew she wouldn’t be around forever. She lived a long, full life. She knew what it was to have very little growing up to having all she needed later in life. Regardless of what life brought, she remained humble, steady, and devoted to making this world a better place. I know she made me a better person.

             As the tears roll down my face even as I write this so does the thankfulness flow from my heart. What an angel sent from heaven to us. Now, that angel has simply transitioned back to her eternal home in Heaven. As my 9 year old said recently, “I bet Grandma has a really big porch up in Heaven daddy.” And, I replied, “Yes, and she is also drinking a cup of coffee with Jesus.”

            Well, so long for my pity party. I will continue to celebrate the good times we shared. I will continue to carry out the love she gave to me. And, I will continue to look forward to our great and happy reunion on the other side. I encourage you, if you’re missing someone in your life. Take time to process your feelings, work through the pain, hold on to the memories, and look forward to seeing them again!


1 Comments on “SO HARD TO SAY GOODBYE”

  1. Craig sometimes we need our feelings validated thanks for that. I lost my dad December 30,2000 and buried him January 1,2001 so this time of the year bring lots of memories and not all are sad.


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