Just felt led to push this blog out one more time.

Pastor Craig Crosby

Parents = People who aren’t perfect, but are responsible for raising and taking care of another person. There is nothing that qualifies any of us for this God-sized endeavor called parenting. At the very same time we seek to help someone else grow up, we ourselves are still under development. Our children are highly impacted by our development or lack of development as people and as parents. So, how do I know when I’m failing my children? I’ve thought long and hard about this one and concluded the following…..

 #1: We fail our children when we ….STOP GROWING UP….

You can’t take your kids somewhere you’re not headed yourself. Today, we have children raising children. And, I’m not just talking about teen parents. I know plenty of grown adults that still act like adolescents. No greater way will any parent fail their kids than when they fail to lead…

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