What Its Like Being A Pastor

     I typically don’t write anything like this for people to read. But, for some reason I was compelled to tonight. I find that most people haven’t got a clue as to all their pastor puts up with from them and others. I hope this note is enlightening, not just the sounds of someone rambling. I hope this makes you appreciate your pastor just a little more.
     Being a pastor is something I don’t know I can fully explain. I often say, for me its like being expected to be Santa Clause. You feel so many people are depending on you to always be jolly and always deliver something. You feel like you are never off work because duty could call at any moment. From weddings to funerals, counseling, comforting, preparing & preaching there is always something you could be doing. And even if duty doesn’t call you are always thinking about those you are serving.
     In these times, there seems to be an unspoken pressure for pastors to produce. The majority of pastors feel overwhelmed. Most pastors feel there is hardly anyone looking after their best interest. You rarely hear the words “Good Job”, “You’ve done enough”, “Let me give you a break”, or “Go Home.” You have to rely on God above for approval & recognition. You have to tell yourself when it’s time to go home and be there for your wife & spend time with your kids. Unlike most jobs overtime is a must if you’re to get the job done and unfortunately you won’t get paid for it. Most people think you get paid for weddings & funerals, but rarely do you earn a dollar. Fortunately, it’s not a job you choose based on the money, but its a calling from God.
      Overall, I consider the pastorate a HUGE privilege. I know that I have been chosen by God to do what I am doing. Why? I will never know. I know I don’t deserve the title and I could never do this job alone. But, when God calls you to do something he always equips you to do it. I really don’t do anything but what God tells me to do. I have had to learn over time how to take things day by day and just follow God’s clear orders.  There will always be many voices and opinions.
      Probably, the most underrated superstar is the pastor’s wife. Without mine I would not have enough joy, strength, or support needed to get through all the job demands. God definitely hand picked Aimee for me as a help mate. What is most frustrating? I don’t like the weight it puts on my family. I feel they do have to sacrifice often so that I can be there for others. But, probably my greatest overall frustration is just with myself. I really don’t get upset with the people.  I just want to stay out of God’s way, which is easier said than done. It is not easy dealing with people & their issues. I often feel that I am so busy trying to help others do their jobs that I have limited time to do my own.  That being said, I do believe a pastor must first love God, his family, and then minister to others out of the overflow of a healthy heart.
      I could go and on and on in describing the many roles you play as a pastor. It is not something you could ever describe, but you would have to experience. I just thank God that he is using me in even a small way to make an eternal difference.  If you attend a church where your pastor loves God, loves people, and seeks to be the best shepherd he can be you need to make sure he feels appreciated. Trust me, most pastors are only informed of their shortcomings, but remember we’re all human. Go out of your way to say thanks. Just a simple note or thoughtful act will mean the world to him and his spouse. I appreciate every God called pastor out there who is seeking to love and lead people to Jesus.

1 Comments on “What Its Like Being A Pastor”

  1. I just happen to come upon your blog while doing some research. I don’t know anything about you or your church, but if you’re truly seeking to fulfill the call of God, I just want to thank you for the amount of sacrifice that you put into being a good steward of the Word. May God continue to bless you and your wife!

    The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. (2 Corinthians 13:14)


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