The Last Pork Chop

Being by the beside of so many you see and hear more than you can ever imagine. Every family has things unique and dysfunctional about them. I just had to share this brief recent experience of a brother letting go of his brother the day he was passing. This is not intended to make fun of anyone, but to share a real encounter that forced the truth to surface. And, in the process has given me this story called “The Last Pork Chop.”

We had a 41 year old patient who’s days were definitley numbered after he spent years drinking himself to death. I do believe he made peace with God in his last days and his parents he lived with understood his death appointment was very near. However, the patients brother was not on the same wave length. This brother was close in age, but he too had some high mileage on rough roads if you know what I’m saying.

The morning of the patients death that evening I had a final visit with this family. The patient was very comfortable, resting, and obviously hour by hour. I was in the living room talking with the patient’s mom, dad, and sister. All of sudden, enters the patients brother with words I have never heard all together.

The brother says, “What are we doing just letting him die?” I replied, “No sir he’s been dying. We’re just making sure he’s comfortable as the end of his earthly life draws near.” He looks at me and says, “Are you serious? That boy needs to eat. I can’t believe it, I went to jail just one night last week and everything falls apart. Before they took me away, I fed my brother some pork chop and collard greens.” I said, “Man, I am very sorry, but I’m pretty sure your brother has eaten his last pork chop!”

Now, this is the same brother that would not listen to the truth at my previous visit. He just kept telling his dad,  “I need to go the gas station and buy me some lite bread and a honey bun.” He just could not accept this reality and therefore he had never prepared for this day. Therefore, it caught him by surprise, not ready, and even more heartbroken.

My friends, I’m not sure what we can learn from “The Last Pork Chop”, but I do know this for sure. How you live in this life matters. Your choices greatly affect not just you, but those around you. We all need to take accountablity for our actions and our decisions. If you need to grow up, grow up. If you need to step up, step up. And, if you need to let go and let God have control of your life, LET GO AND LET GOD HAVE THE REIGNS!

1 Comments on “The Last Pork Chop”

  1. I’ve never thought about food being able to determine one’s departure time. This is a humorous look at a real-life situation. It caused me to think about a prisoner’s “last meal” before he’s executed. Is it really important? I.e. That’s the best steak…!


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