Its after midnight and I should be sleeping. However, my spirit is so stirred within as I prepare for the second pre-launch worship service for Refuge Church. Maybe God would have you visit, maybe God would have you pray, or maybe God would have you support this new work in some other way. I don’t know, but I would love for you to hear my heart concerning this God called mission.There are so many reasons I am ecstatic about this work, but here are seven reasons I just can’t wait to move forward.

#1: The need is so great!

I know countless folks who are starving for what Refuge Church will provide. A place to be loved, A place to find hope. A place to discover purpose. A place to belong. A place to become. A place to bring their friends and family who would never walk through the doors of your average church. You see, Refuge is for the 75% of the culture that doesn’t care about the size of your building, your billboards, or the empty promises you make. Refuge is for the 30,000 throughout Colleton County that just want hope.

#2: Every day matters!

Everyday someone is hurting, searching, dying and desperately needing someone to care. Refuge Church will be that place made up of people who sincrely desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus. At Refuge everybody will be treated like somebody. When Jesus died on the cross he was not just thinking about a select few of us. He died so that the world might find everlasting life.

#3: Doors Continue To Open

Man made windows of opportunity are very limited and often short lived. But, when God parts the Red Seas you can expect the incredible to continue. God has clearly been shining his favor on Refuge Church in recent days. He has been providng people, finances, and opportunities needed to continuing moving forward. I can’t help but be excited as I sense and see God at work daily.

#4: People Continue to Express Interest

I encounter a lot of people on a daily basis. Many have contacted me over recent days expressing their excitement for Refuge Church. Its so much more than just hosting  a church service, but its about helping people have  a real encounter with a living God. I fully expect hundreds to walk through the doors of Refuge  Church this year alone. We have what they are searching for and God will take it from there.

#5: My Call Continues To Strengthen

I would never move forward with this if I did not believe wholeheartely God was leading. Apart from Christ, I know I am nothing. God has given me such clear vision and confirmation that He wants Refuge Church to happen. When God is in it, you can bank on the results blowing your wildest imagination. By this Sunday alone, we will have out grown our present large meeting room

#6: Lives Will Be Changed

From the opening kickoff, lives will be put back together, marriages will be saved, and families will have gotten on the right track. Refuge Church is going to radically impact people who have wandered helplessly and hopelessly for far too long. Jesus is the King of makeovers and I can’t wait to see the many lives changed.

#7: Souls will be Saved

Because of our intentional efforts to love, lift, and lead people to Jesus many souls will be saved. Some will be dads, moms, husbands, wives, students, grandparents, and many will be those the world has given up on ever changing. One soul saved will be worth every dollar and bit of effort. I believe there will be times when my arm will be sore from baptizing people who’s souls has been saved.

I ask each of you reading this for your prayers that God will give me daily wisdom, strength, and courage to endure what lies ahead in this journey. There are so many things I don’t know. But, what I do know is “If God is For us, Who Can Be Agains Us?”

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