Without knowing your exact situation, I would never say, QUIT YOUR JOB. I understand we all have to work and make a living to pay the bills. However, here are five reasons you might need to look for new employment.


At any organization, some people are hired and others are called. People who are hired do just enough to get by and go home. They are just there for a paycheck. People who are called believe God has appointed them to their position. The job may be challenging and the pay may not be a fortune. But, when you feel God has called you to do something, compensation is just icing on the cake. At Amedisys Hospice, where I serve as chaplain we’ve adopted a worthwhile slogan, “If your heart ain’t in it, don’t put your hands on it.”


I’m a big believer that health must come before help. If you aren’t healthy you can’t do much of anything in a very healthy way. We all know that some jobs are more taxing than others. But, with any job you have to consider whether you are physically and emotionally healthy enough to do the job. No job on the planet is worth taking years off your life or causing you to have a complete nervous breakdown. Some issues may be related to the season you’re in right now. But, some things may be overwhelming for health reasons. Whatever your job, you must consider your present health and its potential on your health.


There is no amount of money in the world worth losing my marriage over. There is no pay check worth missing my kids growing up. If your job does not allow you to keep your priorities in order, you should definitely start looking around. Too many people have worked their lives away while losing everyone they were working for in the process. Don’t do the same!


Sometimes you and the job just don’t match up. I’ve worked with people who were just not cut out for the job they were doing. I’ve worked a few jobs that weren’t good fits for me. You need a job that allows you to live out your God given passions. You need a job that matches up with your God-given gifts and experiences. You will never be happy doing a job where nothing comes natural. If you and your job don’t match up there will be many times you will want to throw up and so will those around you.


Your conscience is… “An inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior.” If you are ashamed of what you’re doing then you shouldn’t be doing it. If what you are doing is dishonest, selfish, and just plain wrong you shouldn’t be doing it. You don’t have to be selling drugs on the street corner to be doing something wrong. If any part of your job brings into question your integrity you either need to get it fixed or put in your resignation tomorrow.

Well, this is an article I’ve been working on for weeks. I’m just getting a chance to bring these thoughts to you and I pray they help you find God’s best for your life. This was not intended to be some exhaustive check list, but I hope it provides some guidelines towards discovering healthy employment.

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