Why Men Should Do Housework

I grew up in a traditional two parent home where it was an unspoken rule that Dad’s work on the outside and mom’s work on the inside. In many respects, I’ve carried this unspoken rule into my marriage for over fifteen years. Yes, I’ve washed dishes, cleaned a toilet, vacuumed a room, and I’ve even picked up my own dirty underwear once or twice. And, one day when I grow up I’ll actually wash more than one load of laundry. Let me explain, why men should help around the house no matter what their career or obligations.

            One, IT’S YOUR HOUSE TOO. I’ve been convicted that for way too long I’ve expected my wife to do all the cleaning, all the laundry, cook all the meals, and make sure our four boys finish their homework and don’t kill each other. My friends, keeping a house going and clean is way more than a one woman job. I commend every single mother who has to wear both hats, but for those who have a partner at home you need to get off the couch. There should be at least one time a week that every man puts forth the effort to pick up some trash, wash some dishes, and scrub some dirt away. Your wife did not create all the mess by herself and should not be expected to keep it all sparkling alone.

            Two, ITS A NEVER ENDING JOB. Men, when we come from a hard day’s work we may feel like we’re off the clock. A diligent wife and mother never feels off duty. There is always another meal to prepare, clothes to be washed, a kid that has to be somewhere or do something, and they need our help. Any effort to lighten her load and give her a break will be greatly appreciated and lighten her load.

            Three, WE NEED TO BE REMINDED. Every time I take time to do some housework I am reminded that it’s an endless job and I have at times very unrealistic expectations of my wife. Dishes are constantly dirty, laundry piles up quickly, meals don’t cook themselves, kids are messy, and combine this with an already busy life its next impossible to do all of it by yourself. Earlier I did some deep cleaning in the kitchen and living room. I discovered things I forgot we had, I worked up a good sweat, and I was reminded that my wife deals with this day in and day out. I decided then and there, its’ time to come off the bench and help her out a whole lot more than I have recently.

            Now, ladies and gentlemen I do not care to debate who should do what chores in a household. All I’m saying is that husbands and wives should work together to keep things going. A woman can cut the grass and take out the trash. A man can wash some dishes and vacuum some floors. My point is there is no such thing as it’s her job or my job. It’s our job, our family, our kids, and our responsibility. We are a team and we should operate as a team. I hope this helps at least one man on this planet get out or stay out of the dog house.


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