What Makes A SUPER MOM?

As I write this, I realize that every mom is priceless. I also realize that not everyone has been blessed with the kind of mom I was raised by in this life. I thank God every day for my mom and her commitment to doing her best to raise me up in the way that God would have me to go. Here are some things about my mom that makes her a SUPER MOM.

#1: A Super Mom WALKS WITH GOD. My mom has always walked with God as far back as I can remember. I’m sure she wasn’t perfect, but there was never a doubt that she was seeking to follow God day by day. Drawing from God her strength and studying God’s word for guidance.

#2: A Super Mom LOVES UNCONDITIONALLY. My mom has not always agreed with everything I’ve said or done, but her love has always been unchanging. Her love was never dependent upon certain performance or expectations.

#3: A Super Mom LEADS BY EXAMPLE. My mom always led us by example. She didn’t tell us to do one thing and then do another. She understood the importance of integrity and that actions speak louder than any words.

#4: A Super Mom EXPECTS GOD’S BEST. My mom taught us God’s word and impressed upon our hearts God’s will for our lives. She did not force it on us, but made very clear what God says is right and wrong.

#5: A Super Mom LOOKS FOR TEACHING MOMENTS. Anytime the window presented itself my mom warned us, corrected us, and confronted on the way we should go in this life. I remember many morning devotions prior to going to school.

#6: A Super Mom MAKES GREAT SACRIFICES. My mom did without many things and invested countless hours into helping us grow and develop into the men we are today. She got us to every practice, ready for each school day, and through life’s many challenges.

#7: A Super Mom NEVER STOPS CARING. She has always made time to be there when I needed her most. Listening, loving, and making it clear that what I was sharing with her was the most important thing at that moment.

#8 A Super Mom NEVER STOPS PRAYING. My mom understood there was a lot she could do, but much more that only God could provide. She wore her knees out many a night lifting us up and praying God’s will for our lives. I’m convinced the only way I ever made it through high school, college, and graduate school was her relentless prayers.

#9: A Super Mom NEVER GIVES UP. I’m sure she was more than exhausted raising three boys because our boys wear us out. But, my mom never gave up on us no matter what the situation or how she may have felt inside.

#10: A Super Mom NEVER STOPS PARENTING. To this day, she is still just as super as she has always been. Still loving, still praying, still leading by example, and still letting me know when she thinks I’m headed off track.

There is no doubt that a mom’s work is never done. They are always caring for or thinking about their babies. I know mine was always the first to rise and the last to lay her head down at night. Regardless of how she felt or was dealing with she kept being Super Mom.

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