Parents Must Monitor Online Activity

I think we all can agree that we live in an online world. Kids growing up today don’t know what it’s like not to have the internet and immediate access to just about anything. Every parent should have a healthy fear of the internet. You need the kind of fear that compels you to monitor your child’s online activity. Yes, you can ignore t this warning, but I promise most will live to regret it. Here are just a few reasons you should monitor your child’s online activity.

 #1: The average child won’t monitor themselves. God has given every child parents for a reason. Our job is to raise, protect, and correct them. Children can easily access things online they are not ready to see or hear. Yes, I know they can learn plenty on the street, but at home they are under your watch. Our children aren’t allowed to take their computer to their rooms so we can see what they are seeing. My almost 14 year old son knows that at any moment I will do a random check of his smart phone. These are just a few examples. The point is my kids know that we monitor their online activity.

#2:  We live in an evil world.  Every day people are busted online for manipulating, seducing, and taking advantage of young people. Anyone can disguise themselves online, while gaining information about your child. Just last year I was at the home of a 14 year old girl being raised by her grandmother. This granddaughter and her friend were online looking at their Facebook accounts. Her friend starting telling me about this encounter she had recently online. While on Facebook, some guy friend requested her and kept talking with her online for days. Evidently, he gained all the information he needed to show up at her door. One afternoon while this girl was home alone this 50 year old man shows up and does God knows what to this little girl. This 14 year old girl said, “I had no idea the guy I was talking to was that old and I was terrified.” She said, “I told my mom what happened and she said she might press charges on this man.” I don’t even want to tell you what I said, but I was like you’ve got to be kidding me. What kind of mom takes this kind of thing so lightly? Doesn’t she understand that her daughter could have been raped and even killed. *Parents, especially of young ladies, WAKE UP and realize the world we are living in. You can’t trust others to take care of your children, but you can do everything possible to keep them safe.

 #3: Reputations Are Being Ruined. I realize some who read this don’t have a Facebook account, but most of the world does. I can see daily just through my Facebook account that the average teenager doesn’t need a Facebook account. My oldest son knows that should he open an account we will know the password and we will monitor his every activity. Parents, as long as your child is under your roof you have the right and responsibility of guarding them, training them, and watching over them. Their behavior may not be what you’ve taught them to do, but very well a reflection of what you have allowed them to do. Yes, I understand my kids will make poor decisions. but I plan to do everything I can to guide them towards good decisions.

Now, I could on and on with this article, but that is not my intent. My intent is to urge every parent to get in the game. Be concerned, be aware, and stay involved in your child’s life and online activity. The moment you quit caring is the moment you quit parenting. And, the moment you quit parenting is the moment you have given the devil permission to have full access to your child.

(1 Peter 5:8) “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.”

*I’m sure there is going to be some extremist who wants to tell me to chill out. To allow my child to decide for themselves what they watch and read. To you I simply say, I care way too much about my kids to not do everything possible to protect them!

1 Comments on “Parents Must Monitor Online Activity”

  1. I can like this 100 times. You hit it right on the spot. I am trying to make/teach my niece this now but she is having an hard time understanding. Just keep us in your prays.


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