You’re Gonna Miss This

If I’ve got to choose between being a parent or pastor its not even a close race. God wants me to manage my own family before I try to manage anything or anyone else. My kids will be grown before I know it and I don’t plan on living with regrets later. Parents with kids still at home please read

Pastor Craig Crosby

       God has blessed me with four boys ages 13, 11, 9, and 3. As a pastor of a brand new church and a full time hospice chaplain, I must admit it’s very hard to find time and energy to spend with my family. Of course, I love them dearly, but some weeks are just about survival. However, I’m well aware that one day I’m going to miss these days.

        I believe many moms and dads can identify with my daily struggle. You feel torn between many things and many people. You want to be there for your kids, enjoy moments together, and take time to teach them how to live life. But, life drains you dry and steals precious moments from us all. Here are some things we must remember in order to stay on track as parents. 


The bible tells us…

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