Getting Ready For The Work Week

I know the feeling when you think to yourself “Its Monday already.” Truth is you’ve got to find some way to cope with it. I’m a big believer in mind over matter. Your perspective cannot only change your outlook, but your entire week. Here are some reasons to look forward to the work week.

#1: Thank God, You’ve Got A Job….Let’s face it, jobs are not easy to come by these days. Businesses are struggling, the econcomy is sinking, and people are finding it harder and harder to put food on the table. Thank God, you’ve got a job that at the very least can help put a few needed dollars in your pocket.

#2: Thank God, You Can Work….If you’ve ever been sick as a dog and not able to operate as normal you know its not fun. I visit people everyday that would give anything to be able to show up to work and experience life as normal. Thank God for the strength, the skills, and health necessary to get the job done.

#3: Thank God, You Can Serve A Purpose…..No, your job doesn’t define you. But, whether paid or non paid every job gives us something to accomplish. Its good to know that your hard work does matter and that someone is being touched by your efforts.

Well, I bet if you try real hard you could come up with some other positives concerning the work week. However, these three alone should put some pep in your step as you start another work week. Hope its a great one.

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