WARNING: Don’t Visit Refuge Church

Do Not Enter

This past Sunday, Refuge Church celebrated its 1st year anniversary. Since kicking off morning worship @ the Colleton Recreation Center, Refuge has seen hundreds come through those doors. This church is designed for the multitude of unchurched living both in and around Colleton County. Now, before you or someone you love comes to visit, I thought I might warn you about a few things. HERE ARE FIVE REASONS YOU SHOULD NOT VISIT REFUGE CHURCH.

#1: YOU LIKE NORMAL CHURCH. Refuge is not your average church. These people will do anything short of sin to reach someone for Christ. They set up and hold worship in a gym, no body dresses up, and everyone is accepted. The messages are so understandable and relevant to your everyday life. The music is always great and the presence of God is so strong. I couldn’t believe these guys don’t even pass around an offering plate. On top of all of this, they provide coffee, water, donuts, and even have things for the kids (Birth-5th grade) during the worship hour. Oh that’s another thing. It’s just one hour long.

#2: YOU DON’T LIKE FEELING LOVED. The love these people have for each other is incredible. They seem to love newcomers even more. The moment you walk into the building you feel welcomed and at home. It’s like you’ve been there all your life. They don’t care what others say about you, where you’ve been, or what you’re up to in the present. They love you unconditionally and never make you feel judged.

#3: YOU DON’T NEED ENCOURAGMENT. Forget about going to church just to say you did. At Refuge, if you don’t leave feeling better than when you came in then you went to the wrong place. No one has ever visited this church and not left feeling more encouraged than before. It’s like these people aren’t there because they have to be, but they want to be. Oh, that’s another negative thing, it’s highly addictive. People can’t wait to get back the next Sunday.

#4: YOU DON’T NEED SUPPORT. Refuge doesn’t just like to have church, but they strive to be the church. It’s like they don’t think anyone should go through life alone. The preacher says they are just real people, with real problems, seeking a real Jesus. At Refuge, they don’t care to add just another event to your calendar. They want to offer support as you journey through this life. They go the extra mile to meet the needs of those around them. Don’t go to Refuge unless you want to feel a lot of support and prayers.

#5: YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW GOD’S WILL. They talk about everyday life and teach God’s word in a way anyone can understand. They teach you how God can give you peace, promise, and hope. How you can become a better person, spouse, parent, and everything God created you to be. They share with you ways you can reach your God given potential and make it through the storms of life.

If you’re reading this and you have a church home that is great. If you’re reading this and you’re looking for a place like Refuge Church we pray you might come visit us soon. I promise we’ll change the way you think about church. We meet every Sunday morning 10:30am @ the Colleton Recreation Center. Come as you are, never leave the same! www.RefugeChurch.org

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