It Feels Good To Do Good

charlesJuliesarahAs I write this I’ve just gotten home from an annual event called Do Good Day. Today many came together from all over to accomplish something worthwhile. A group called Do Gooders has for the last six years chosen to help someone within their community who is battling for their life and is in great need of others support. This year Do Gooders helped a young lady and her family that I know well who has battled cancer for the past three years. This experience has inspired me to write some things that the church must learn.

            First of all, Do Gooders is doing what the church has been called to do. We are to seek out the hurting, the harassed, and helpless and shower them with God’s love. The church is not for the healthy, but the sick. The church is for those struggling physically, mentally, emotionally, and for sure spiritually. We accomplish this best when we all rally around an unselfish and worthwhile goal that is greater than ourselves. Today, I watched as people from all walks and backgrounds rallied together to help a family that needed support in their time of need. It will always hold true that “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

            Secondly, Do Gooders understands we do more together than individually. Everyone who came out, donated their time or money, and made it a priority to offer their support made a difference. The church must understand that without unity nothing great will be accomplished. We must recognize the needs around us and then work together to do all we can to meet those needs.  Churches must quit worrying about the color of their carpets and choir robes. Churches must quit worrying about their own agenda and recognize the needs around them. We must come together if we ever expect to accomplish great things and leave a lasting mark on those around.

            Finally, Do Gooders is not trying to fix everyone’s problems or shove God down anyone’s throat. Unfortunately, most churches are way more known for what they are against, then what they are for. At this event, there were people who went to church, people who didn’t, and yet a house full of people who sincerely cared. By the way, we purposely located our Refuge Church booth near the Bud light because we wanted to be closest to the people. Jesus loves people more than anything. Do Gooders did not preach the gospel, but they did exemplify God’s love to all who walked through the doors.

            Here is my biggest take away that has been brewing in my heart for some time. I’ve been in the ministry for 20 years and I’ve seen very few churches that really understand or care about what it takes to reach people. Church is not about getting what you want done. Church is not about you even feeling comfortable about all that takes place. Church is to be a place where believers come together, get over themselves, and work together to make the world a better place. As we strive to be like Christ opportunity will come where we can share Christ with those we meet.

            I commend anyone who is seeking to make a real difference in the lives of others. For all those who chose to Do Good on this 6th Annual Event thanks for showing me how to love and lift someone’s heart and spirit. As a pastor, I do believe that Jesus is the answer for all of life’s problems. However, there are many times we all need to encounter some Jesus with skin. Today, you were all his hands, his feet, and his heart. May we all remember that it is always better to give than to receive.

          Should there be any of you who were involved in today’s events that don’t have a church home we would love to have you come visit us at Refuge Church. Our vision is the same as Do Gooders. We aim to love people where they are and leave them better than we found them. Join us sometime at the Colleton Recreation Center. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or sign up for our newsletter at .


2 Comments on “It Feels Good To Do Good”

  1. I was there also helping and I spoke to you on why i was there. My son is a walking miracle from God. He had a liver transplant last year March 30, 2013. He had to have several surgeries and lost 70% of his new liver. He today is doing great with God blessing. I too feel you need to pay it forward when people are so good to you. One way I helped is by having a blood drive in June of this year and helping The Do Gooders. They had a benefit last year for Adam which was a financial gift with all his medical bills. Also loved your write up on the Do Gooder’s and the GREAT JOB they do for our community. Susan Bishop


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