Why I Love Walterboro

Nearly a year has passed since I began writing for the Colletonian. It’s blown my mind how many people read this paper and how it touches lives. I can’t tell you how many relationships and opportunities it has brought my way. I run into countless folks on a weekly basis that not only read my articles, but share those articles with those outside this area. I thank God for a paper that sincerely tries to support its community and touch lives in the process.

I feel its time I get a little more personal and share with you my heart about Colleton County. I’ve only lived in Walterboro for 2 ½ years, but I’ve been in more homes during that time than most will in their lifetime. Here is what I’ve observed about this place we called “The Front Porch of the Low Country.” I would like to share with you my inside/outside perspective.

1: IT FEELS LIKE HOME. As I travel this rural county I encounter simple folks who are just trying to find their way in this life. I grew up in St. George and I always believed Walterboro was just a bigger version of my hometown. Here the tea is still sweet, the people are still friendly, and it’s a great community to raise a family. I realize it’s not perfect, but you can’t have it all folks. Considering our population and demographics I feel we do a pretty good job.

2: THE SCHOOLS ARE GREAT. There are many options here for your child’s education. Church schools, Prep Schools, and Public schools. I was a youth pastor for 11 years from South Carolina, Texas, and Georgia. I’ve been to more school lunches than I can count. You may not believe this, but our public schools here are above average. Why? Because they are full of dedicated local teachers, great administration, and backed by a community that really cares. We have four boys that take part in preschool, elementary school, middle school, and high school. I honestly have no complaints and have been very encouraged by the education and love they have received. I didn’t say they were perfect, but I would put them above most.

3: THE RECREATION CENTER ROCKS. In case you haven’t heard, the Colleton Recreation Center is encouraging countless kids and families every day. Their facilities are second to none, their workers give their best, and it provides a safe and fun place for families to come together. If you’ve not recently taken in a little league game, watched a pee wee football game, or enjoyed a gathering underneath the picnic shelter you’re missing out.

4: THE PARKS ARE BEAUTIFUL. I felt when I moved here that the parks in this area were a blessing to the community. Recently, several of the local parks have been remodeled only adding to the beauty and family friendliness of Colleton County. Every park in the area has something to offer whether a great playground, walking course, fish pond, ball field, or just a nice place to get away.

5: THE NEEDS ARE GREAT. I want to be in a place where I feel I can make a big difference. I say this with much firsthand observation of knowing the needs here are great. I run into many folks who struggle to keep their lights on, put food on their table, and find hope beyond their circumstance. Many here never complete their education, aren’t raised in a church, and don’t know how to live life as God intended. I prayerfully waited two years before I started Refuge Church a place where we exist to love, lift, and lead people to Jesus. I’ve see daily the brokenness of our children to our seniors. I personally feel called by God to be in this challenging, yet full of potential place called Colleton County.

If God has put you here for a season or reason, I encourage you to make the most of your stay. Be who God created you to be, set a Godly example for others, and look for ways you too can leave Colleton County better than you found it. That’s all I have to say for now my friends.

*Pastor Craig Crosby invites you to visit him at www.RefugeChurch.com which meets at the Colleton Recreation Center every Sunday night @ 6p.m. He is presently leading out a message series called “Finding Peace.”


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