10 Ways To Find Out If You’re Normal

Are You Normal?I run into many people, who feel they are the only ones who feel certain ways. They feel abnormal because they wonder if they are the only ones struggling with certain things. Here are 10 things that might indicate whether you’re normal or not.

#1 You feel like you’re on a non-stop Roller Coaster. Your life feels like a reality show full of unexpected events. One minute things are great and the next it feels like all Hell has broken loose. We’re all on this roller coaster called life that is full of seasons of ups and downs, celebrations, grief, good and bad days.

#2 You worry about things you can’t control. You ponder how you can fix things that you know deep down are far from your control. You wish you could control every moment of everyday, but you’re learning that only God has that power.

#3 You wish you had a money tree. If you’re like the average person, your expenses seem to always outweigh your income. You wonder how you’ll pay that next bill, yet God always provides. Just like He takes care of the birds of the air, he continues to take care of you.

#4 You do care what others think about you. It is perfectly normal to want others to only see the best in you, be proud of you, and applaud your efforts. The reality is we can’t please everyone and in the end only God’s opinion will matter.

#5 You struggle to find balance. Most of us choose to fill every hour of everyday with events. We all fight for balance. Between work, family, and other activities there just never seems to be enough hours in the day. Maintaining balance is something we have to constantly monitor and keep in perspective.

#6 Your marriage feels like work. The only married couples I know that never have problems are either still on their honeymoon or they never see each other. Marriage is always a work in progress. It requires constant prayer, faith, and sweat.

#7 Your kids drive you crazy. If your kids are real little you’re just trying to get some sleep. If you have teenagers, you’re trust trying to survive as their hormones rage. And if you’re kids are grown, you just pray every night they make the right decisions. I’m so glad God loves my children more than me and I can always trust Him to watch over them day and night.

#8 You worry about where this world is headed. The more you watch CNN and Fox News, the more you struggle to sleep at night. Listen, this world has been spiraling out of control and full of sin. God is still God, God is still with us, and God can still change anyone and anything.

#9 You can’t make sense of much. I feel I know enough to be dangerous. I’m certain after reading God’s word what God would have me do in this life. Yet, I still have many questions regarding what I see taking place around me. All I know is God’s ways are higher and I have to trust him with even the things that don’t make sense to me.

#10 You long for total peace. We all want a peace and fulfillment that just can’t be found in this life. Our circumstances will change, people will let us down, and this world will never be perfect. Only Jesus can give us a peace that goes beyond all understanding and will last for all of eternity.

If you read this and can’t identify with any of it, you are abnormal. You evidently aren’t human, have wings on your back, or your first name is Jesus. For those who can relate, may this encourage you in some way.

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