“I Was Struck By Lightning”


    Lightning Bolt Back on May 2013, while waiting on his wife to get home from work my friend got struck by lightning. Without warning, while cooking sausage and drinking a cold beer in his own kitchen, lightning struck him down. He said, “I didn’t know if this was the end or not. I told my son, no matter what happened, I loved him.”

   His teenage son rode with him as he was transported to MUSC Hospital by ambulance. I can only imagine what was going through his mind at this time. I know I would be shocked, scared, and worried to death that I might be on the way out. After all, sudden events often catch us by surprise and give us little time to catch our breath.

   Around midnight, hours after this event occurred I went to visit my friend in the hospital. To my surprise, he was still conscious and smiling. He knew he was beyond lucky to have survived a lightning bolt. I could see on his face the look of relief and shock. I was convinced that his life would never be the same. A year after this event, here are some questions I asked him about this event.

Why do you think this happened? “I don’t know to be honest. Some say because of all the bad things I’ve done. Some say, I’m special. Others say God has big plans for my life. I guess only God knows for sure.”

How has this changed your life? “It has definitely been a life changing event. I’ve learned to not take a single moment for granted. That God is rich in mercy and grace because I could have definitely left this world. To my surprise, I was not scared that night. I prayed the entire way to the hospital that if I passed away, God would know my name. His peace was within me and I could feel his presence.           

Any final words? This experience has gotten me and my family back in church. Not only do I attend Refuge Church faithfully, but I help setup for worship weekly at the Colleton Recreation Center.”“Life is short. Make sure you tell your loved ones you love them while you can. Live your life to love God and love people. Take one day at a time.”

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