Learning To Slow Down

Rat RaceMaybe it’s my age, maybe it’s my body speaking, or maybe I’m just learning that moving at the speed of light is rarely a good thing. I know what it feels like to run every time someone calls your name. To go through life like you’ve got something to prove and always have somewhere you have to be. I’ve concluded that not only do I not like living that way, but it’s not good for me or anyone around me.

Oh you’ve not hit that brick wall. You’re still living on the bandwagon that says busier is better, faster is cooler, and you don’t really have a choice living in this day and age. You know, we live in a world that never sleeps. Businesses continue to expand their hours to keep up. Places like Certain stores and restaurants never close as they feed a culture that prides itself in never sleeping.

I understand we no longer travel by horse and buggy. I realize because of technology advances we can send messages to each other in seconds. That everyone on the planet owns a cell phone and half the world a smart phone. I know we have to keep up with the times, but that doesn’t mean we have to live at a frantic pace. Here are some reasons we all need to learn to slow down.

#1 YOU NEED THE REST. I discovered a long time ago that my body has limits. When I run around like a chicken with my head cut off, it takes a huge toll on my health. Running too fast, for too long always has consequences. It can break you down emotionally, mentally, and physical. God never intended for us to go until we collapse or wind up in the hospital due taking on way more than God ever attended. I can promise you that someone reading this right now is headed for a rude awakening. If you don’t slow down, find a balance, and get proper rest. Your body alone will reveal to you that you weren’t meant to always live on the go and copy everything you see others doing in a very unhealthy American culture.

#2 YOU MISS A LOT. Many while chasing the so called American Dream later wake up to the American nightmare. You wake up and realize you missed your children growing up. You wake and realize you should have spent a lot less time running and a whole lot more before God asking Him to lead you step by step. While you’re chasing the next big thing you could very easily miss all that really matters before you. Don’t live life so fast that you neglect those you love most and miss what matters most. Too many run through life chasing an imaginary prize, while never enjoying the gifts God has already given them.

#3: YOU’RE NOT IN A COMPETITION. Best words every spoken is that life is not a forty yard dash, but a marathon. We’re all on a journey that calls for us to seize the moments God puts in front of us. The best way to live out those moments is one day at a time. You don’t get extra points from God for running faster than everyone else. Life is not meant to be a competition between each other, but instead is about bringing glory to God in all we do and say. This is often impossible to do if we’re running so fast through life we can’t hear God’s voice and can’t enjoy a second.

Please know that I’m not sharing this to preach at you. I’ve just concluded that life is not meant to be some rat race. God doesn’t put on us more than we can handle, but we often do. We have to learn how to say no, slow down, and smell the roses daily. Otherwise we will get burnout, miss a whole lot, and discover that much of our running was totally unnecessary.

(Psalm 46:10) He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

Many have recently visited Refuge Church. If you don’t have a church home and would like to learn how to let God lead your everyday life, come as you are this Sunday 10:30a.m. @ the Colleton Rec Center. I promise we’ll change the way you think about church.

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