I’ve Got To Run Away

boys jump (2)This week has been long awaited by my entire family. I’m one of those guys who often has just a little too much going on. I can’t even remember what it’s like to not have someone calling my name. I’m a local pastor, hospice chaplain, writer, husband, father and person who never feels there is enough time in the day. I do know this, getting away on vacation is really not an option. Here is why:

#1 We all need time to unwind. For me that only happens when I get away from the normal grind, demand, and temptation of helping just one more person. We all need to set aside time to chill, relax, and learn to breath again. I’ve often said, I can only be as helpful as I am healthy. The person who never slows down is headed for burnout. 

#2: We all need time to refocus. Every time I get away from life’s daily demands, I discover things I’ve really been missing. I realize how much my kids need my undivided attention. I realize that the moments in front of me will never come again. I realize that some things can wait and other’s can’t. I generally come back more focused on things that matter most and not so stressed about the things that don’t.

#3: We all need time to have fun. I’ve always enjoyed a good laugh and having a blast. Sadly, too much of my life in the past has revovled around playing rescue ranger. When we take things too seriously our lives become just one big ball of stress. There are times as a pastor I tell myself I don’t have time to have fun like everyone else. There are too many lost souls and people who need me to be available in there time of need. I still believe in what God has called me to do, but I’m convinced I must live more balanced. You should take life seriously, but you also need moments of absolute fun. Oh, the things we laugh about when me, my wife, and four boys get together. 

#4: We all need time to hear from God. Headed to the beach again this year, I always try to take a few prayer walks by the waves. I find that I hear God’s voice even clearer as I’m not thinking about the next appointment or deadline. We all need times daily and often that we get away and just seek to hear from God. He always speaks to our heart when we wholeheartedly seek his heart. 

#5: We all need to make memories. Memories are made as we make the most of the times we have with each other. None of us are promised tomorrow. Nothing brings a brighter smile than pondering the good old days. Being able to look back and say, I’m glad we did that. Things may change, but memories last a lifetime. One of my goals with every vacation is to make memories that last. 

Well, this article is one of the few things left on my to do list before vacation. By the time some of you read this, I’ll be floating down a lazy river, riding waves, walking down the beach, relaxing, and hopefully making memories that will out live me. 

*You’re always welcomed to join me Sundays 10:30a.m. @ the Colleton Rec Center. Refuge Church will meet you where you are, encourage your soul, and never leave you the same!

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