5 Ways Your Marriage Could Fail

Symbols Of Commitment

Symbols Of Commitment

God intends for your marriage to last a lifetime. Many things will come our way that could stop that from happening. I would like to share five reasons your marriage might fail before it’s too late. Hope you will take each of these to heart.

 #1 YOU DON’T THINK IT CAN.  Satan loves it when anybody thinks they’ve got it all together. That makes you easy prey as pride goes before your fall. Listen, you have to stay on your knees, recognize the enemy will attack, and without God’s help your marriage will never survive. I often tell myself, “But, by the grace of God go I.”

#2 ALL YOU SAID WAS, “I DO”.  Many get all dressed up for their wedding day and can’t wait to get married. Then they forget everything they promised and don’t keep investing in the relationship. This always proves fatal. I knew a man who had been married for years, but still kept a copy of his wedding vows in his wallet. He would actually pull them out at lunch from time to time just to remember what he promised.

#3 YOU SIMPLY DRIFTED APART.  Careers, kids, and so many things can place a dangerous gap between you and your spouse over time. If you don’t notice the signs early enough you could wake up someday to a total stranger. It’s so important we always look for ways to draw close and stay close. Otherwise, the distance between you could lead to the death of your relationship.

#4 YOU WAITED TOO LATE TO CHANGE. We all have the potential to get sick and tired of being sick and tired. A wise man or woman listens deeply to the thoughts, feelings, and frustrations of their spouse. None of us are perfect, but effort is expected. Don’t wait for divorce papers before you decide to become the man or woman you should be. Make changes now!

#5 JESUS DIDN’T HAVE THE WHEEL.  Please don’t tune me out at this point. I know what you’re thinking. What does Jesus have to do with my marriage? My response is EVERYTHING. Without Jesus you can’t be the man or woman God created you to be. Without Jesus you can’t stay united in a world full of things that will always seek to tear you apart. If you don’t allow faith to build your relationship you can bet your flesh will do all it can to destroy your relationships .

These are just a few ways Satan seeks to destroy what God made to last. My friends don’t give Him these or any other windows of opportunity.  I pray your marriage last a lifetime.

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