What Every Sport Fan Needs To Hear

Crazy Sport Fan

Anyone who really knows me has seen my passion for college football. I can rattle off statistics that most don’t care about. I can’t wait for Saturdays. I love to watch every minute of the game. Like most real sports fans during that time I’m in the zone. For those hours anything that can wait, can wait. In fact, after I watch it the first time I’m bound to flip back through it again later, just ask my wife.

Over the last couple of years, both Carolina and Clemson have had great seasons of football. However, this year particular was expected to be rebuilding years for both. Especially since both squads loss some really key players and are playing a lot of young, experienced guys. Sadly, both schools are followed by some fans that never expect to lose a game. Many fans will literally go into a state of depression for days if their team falls short. Many resemble a two year old as they kick, scream, and demand everything to go their way.

Football, just like life has a way of keeping us humble. There are days nothing seems to go right. Times that we just feel like we’ve made every mistake in the book. Of course there is always someone we like to blame for our downfall. The refs are never right unless the other team is being penalized. And, no matter what we just want to win. Nothing less is acceptable.

Now, I want to make this very clear. There is a message in this for all of us. However, I feel especially inspired to share this with those who unfortunately have made any sport their God. Those who actually allow their everyday life to be dictated by a missed field goal, fumble, or lost ballgame. This simply indicates that you are so pre-occupied with what doesn’t matter that you actually think the score matters that much.

At much as I love sports, I have always sought to keep a healthy perspective. First, I tell myself that only one team can win. Secondly, I remind myself that it’s just a game. Thirdly, I seek to make sure it’s always just something I enjoy, not something I worship. Because anything or anyone you worship outside of God, will send your world tumbling.

Now, if this article gets you mad in any way, shape or form it’s clear you have a problem. This indicates that you’ve likely put way too much time, energy, money and hope in a game that will always disappoint eventually. This indicates that you really need Jesus to come into your heart and reveal to you what really matters most. Because with all the other things to worry about in life, Lord help us if football even makes our top 100 list.

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