Put Down Your Guitar

     Garth Sign

     By now millions have heard the news about a recent Garth Brooks Concert. While in the midst of playing music, Garth noticed a lady that was battling cancer in the audience. She was holding up a sign that read “Chemo this morning, Garth tonight, Enjoying the dance.”

     It really touched my heart how Garth Brooks stopped his concert midstream to recognize this lady battling cancer. In fact, he not only noticed her, he serenaded her, held up her sign for all to see, and then gave her the very guitar he was playing. This lady was not only battling cancer, but two weeks prior her dad unexpectedly passed away.

    While holding the sign up on stage for all to see, Garth Brooks then said some very profound words. “I’m one of those guys who says, “If God would just get a big old hand that comes down from the sky and write, I EXIST. Well tonight God wrote this sign.”

     My friends, too often we’re so caught up in our “Own Song and Dance” to notice what the person next to us might be going through. God wants us all to put down our guitar and notice the needs around us. Take the time to notice someone else’s battle, struggle, and be God’s vessel that speaks loudly “I Care About You.”

    Just like Garth Brooks we need to use the stage God has given us to touch somebody’s life. A self-centered life will never bring you happiness or peace. You were created in God’s image and God is anything but selfish. God is love and as believers in Jesus Christ we’ve all been called to share that love with those around us.

(1 John 4:8)(NIV) Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

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