Dear Grandma & Granddaddy

Grandma & Seth

I think I’ve discovered something that can go a long way in helping you process the loss of a loved one. At least I can say it helped me a whole lot to write this letter. 

Dear Grandma & Granddaddy,

Hard to believe it’s been a few years since your eternal transition. Granddad, you always said, “I’ve got high mileage on rough roads.” Well how is that new body treating you? Grandma, I honestly thought you might out live me considering you worked circles around all of us. That stupid cancer took you away from us way too soon.

How am I doing? Just living like you taught me to do. Trying to make the most of this life and make preparations for the next. Things haven’t really changed much since you both left us. Many people are still taking life for granted, acting crazy, and putting all their stock in a life that is sure to disappoint.

I’m so glad I know where both of you are living today. I can’t imagine the sights, sounds, and peace there on those streets of gold. No, neither of you were perfect, but thank God you trusted Jesus as your savior. Yes, I’m still preaching, singing, and doing all I can to tell as many people as possible that “Jesus Saves.”

Grandma, I found that picture of you and Seth. Why didn’t you tell me that as young as 3 years old you were filling him up with coffee. No wonder, he never wanted to take a nap during the day. He still tells me that you told him not to tell. Well, the truth is out now and I’m just glad he got to share a few cups with you.

Why am I writing all of this? I just find it helpful to think about all the smiles and special moments we shared together. No, Grandma I’ve not had a pimento cheese or chicken salad sandwich like yours since you left. Granddaddy, eating peanuts just isn’t the same without you sitting there telling me that we should chew every bite thirty times. By the way, Granddaddy, all those jokes I told you were lame, I find myself repeating them daily. And, if no one else laughs, I just laugh at myself.

Well, you two enjoy that place of paradise where there is no more worry, hurt, pain, or disappointment. I know sooner that we think our appointed time will come and we will see each other again thanks to Jesus. I know I have no way of getting this letter to you in Heaven. So, I’ll just wait until we meet again to catch up and enjoy eternity together. Thanks for all you did and taught me to do.

 Love, Your Favorite Grandson (Oh yes, that was our secret)


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