Colleton County Got Talent


I feel many folks may feel like Colleton County is just a struggling bunch of folks. Full of rednecks, thugs, and poor educational systems. If that’s how you feel, nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, there are many who struggle paycheck to paycheck and live life recklessly. But, those kind of folks live in every city and county throughout the world. The more I discover about this place called Colleton County, the more I can’t help but be proud to reside here.

With four boys, we’ve been able to see the functioning of almost every public school here. The constant observation has been the same. Teachers that really care about students excelling, schools that really value community and togetherness, and I can’t say enough about the excellence that so many faculty members display.

Outside of academics, you can’t help but be impressed by the Performing Art Programs. I’ve seen band performances that leave you speechless. I’ve seen choral productions that leave you in tears. And, I’ve seen local dramas at the Hampton Street Auditorium that were second to none.

This opinion does not come from someone home grown. I grew up in St. George, lived in Texas, lived in Georgia, and God brought me back to South Carolina. As a full time youth pastor for nearly 11 years, I spent large amounts of time inside some of the best schools around. None of them would I place above those I’ve discovered in Colleton County.

For those in this area that have embraced God’s call to teach our young people, thank you. Your efforts seen and unseen are making a BIG difference. You are shaping the next generation. You are helping those who might be struggling at home find something to smile about. With every display and performance it’s obivious that Colleton County is full of talent. And I believe the future is bright if we all continue to play our God called part.

*Craig Crosby is the Lead Pastor of He is also the local Community Liaison for Patriot Hospice. He and his wife Aimee have four boys ages 15, 13, 11, & 5. All are involved in Colleton County Public Schools.

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