4 Reasons To Quit Your Job

I quit

I believe our life decisions should always be under review. We need to often evaluate our priorities, movtives, and even progress. Otherwise, we’re likely headed down a dead end road if we simply go with the flow of society. Here are four reasons you might need to quit your job.


Health is one of the most underrated things in our society. Anything that kills you physically, emotionally, mentally, and for sure spiritually is not good. You should definitely consider a different approach and greater balance. Maybe you’re just over doing it and have to realize you aren’t as young as you used to be. Or, maybe the job you’re working just isn’t worth the toll it’s having on your health. Don’t tell me you’re killing yourself for your family. I’m pretty sure your family would rather have you around longer healthy and happy. The wrong job over time could lead to an earlier grave.


Sometimes you reach a point where something on your plate just has to go. Many pride themselves in working day and night. Listen, you can always make another dollar, but you can’t buy back another minute of life. You have to establish order in your life. A great place to start is making sure your faith and family are headed in the right direction. Everything else should flow out of the positioning of these things called priorities. Often, we have to say no to one thing in order to say a stronger yes to another. Too many people just fill up their calendars and then quickly find themselves burnout and bummed out. Sometimes a job works on paper, but it just doesn’t work in real life.


Anyone in a care position such as nursing, teaching, or pastoring knows your heart matters. Any job that involves caring for others demands calling and heart. You have to feel compelled by God above all else to do certain things effectively. Your heart has to be in certain things to really do the job at hand. Sometimes we just need a break, but sometimes we need a career change because we know our heart is no longer in what we’re doing.


If everything within you says what you’re doing is not pleasing to God, there is nothing else to discuss. God certainly doesn’t want you to do anything illegal or that contradicts His Word (The Bible). No amount of money is worth doing something that you know is wrong. No amount of money can subsitute for a clear conscience before God. Knowingly staying on the wrong path will take you places you never wanted to go and cost you way more than you ever wanted to give up. After all, that is actually the definition of sin.

(James 4:17) If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.

*Pastor Craig is the lead pastor at Refuge Church. Where you can always come as you are, but never leave the same. Services are Sundays 9:15am & 11am @ the Colleton Rec Center. Check it out http://www.RefugeChurch.org

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