More Than A Catfish

My Big Catfish

This past Father’s Day was one of the best I can remember. After worship that Sunday, I took my two oldest boys fishing. God has blessed me with a house full of boys ages 15, 13, 11, and 5 years old. Of course, there are few dull moments at our house, but I wouldn’t trade one of them.

Honestly, most of our fishing trip didn’t bring much luck. Yet we joked, laughed and smiled the entire time we were together. Lately, I’ve been able to see that my boys just want me to be there for them. More importantly, to make time for them.

My boys have seen firsthand for years that someone is always begging for my attention. And just like their mom, they don’t mind sharing me with someone really in need. But at the end of the day they don’t just need a preacher. They need what every child needs, someone who really loves them.

As I watch them grow up way too fast, I’ve decided I won’t waste another moment. I will make time with each of them with no apologizes to others. My first ministry will always be my family. God gave them to me and I need to do my best to enjoy and lead them.

As I looked into their faces, I saw boys that were just happy to be with their dad. It didn’t even matter if we caught a fish. What did matter was that whatever we did, we did it together.

As dark drew near our fishing trip was about over. And, all we had to show for it were two little bream my oldest caught with some crickets. Suddenly, one of my catfish rods on the dock began to bend. I picked up my reel and thought I must have a huge turtle.

I fought for nearly 20 minutes to see what was on the other side of that line. Then, I realized I would never get this big fish to shore without some major intervention. Thank God a nearby man in a boat came to my rescue. He reached down into that water like the guys you see on television and grabbed that monster. This professional fishing guide said the catfish was easily 30-35 lbs.

Now, I must admit that catching that big fish was exciting, but nothing compared to the quality time and fellowship I had with my growing boys. I may never catch another fish that size, but I sure do look forward to my next adventure with those boys. As Trace Atkins says in his song, “…and they thought we were just fishing.”

(Ephesians 5:16)(NLT) “Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days.”

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