Carolina or Clemson, WHO CARES?

Spurrrier Hugging Swinney

Recently, Clemson Tigers Head Football Coach Dabo Swinney lost his dad after a long battle with an ugly disease called cancer. I really was not aware of this family’s loss until I read the following facebook post from another die hard Gamecock fan.

She said, “..”Some may consider this treason, but that’s their problem. Tonight, my prayers are with Dabo Swinney,who lost his father this weekend. I know what it means to lose a father – he is the compass and the light that guides you! When we meet on the field, it’s all business, but tonight, the Gamecock nation needs to say a prayer for the Swinney family – I know I will!”

This post from a friend not only moved my heart, but the hearts of several other Gamecock fans. Bigger than just some moving words it began to build a bridge. A bridge between two fan bases that love to watch football, but must understand deep down it’s just a game.

It’s amazing how it often takes crisis for us to put things in proper perspective. Consider all the good that has come from such a horrific act inside a Charleston AME Church. Many observed as that single event not only unified a city, state, and in many ways a nation.

Before we know it football will be back in full swing. I’m sure the Carolina vs Clemson rivalry will be as intense as ever. But, please don’t let your love of football get out of hand. Remember that people will always matter more than scoreboards. Even if somebody doesn’t play on your team they still matter deeply to God.

Jesus said, “This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.” (John 15:11)

Dabo Swinney and family you’re all in our prayers at this time! Why? Because some things are just way more important than any football game!


One Comment on “Carolina or Clemson, WHO CARES?

  1. Gamecock Fan: I’m sorry you lost your Dad, I know mine means the world to me. At 80 years old I still consider him my hero, as he’s always been. I’m sure you lost your hero as well. My heart swells for you and your family. You will surely be in my thoughts and prayers.


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