My Love Story

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Aimee and I just celebrated 18 years of marriage together. In celebration of that I would like to share our love story. Hope it encourages someone who is praying for that special someone.

We met in high school a few years after her family moved to Dorchester, South Carolina. We had just one class together and really only saw each other in passing. She was a cheer leader and I was on the football team.

After graduation, I came home the next fall to watch a high school football game. It was the begining of her junior year in High School and my first year in college. I still recall the day her beautiful smile totally captured my attention. It was as if God put a halo over her head and said, “Look here son.” One conversation led to another. Before I knew it we were talking for hours on the phone. I began looking for excuses for us to spend time together.

One of the biggest highlights of my life happened early in our relationship. After attending a youth bible study together we were hanging out together in my car. She said, “I think I’m ready to give my heart and life to Jesus Christ.” Right then and there, I led her through God’s plan of salvation. We bowed our heads together and she invited Jesus into her heart. She was already a wonderful person, but now she was totally changed forevermore. All because “God so loved the world that He gave His only son that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life.”(John 3:16)

This marked the begining of us getting on the same page. You see, I knew I couldn’t just marry anybody. The person I married had to know and love the same God I loved. The God who called me into the ministry had to be calling her too. I knew growing up a Pastor’s son that being a pastor would not be easy. I knew the Pastor’s wife had to be someone extra special.

We dated the next 4 plus years. She followed me to Charleston Southern University where we both attended classes. Just like any young relationship we went through many ups and downs. I still recall the day God made it crystal clear that I was to marry Aimee Lynn Perrin. I realized she was not just someone I could live with, but someone I could not live without.

I began the process of buying a diamond ring. Thank God my mom fronted me the money before I could pay her back. The night of our engagement we got a window seat at California Dreaming in Charleston, SC. She had no idea what was ahead or that I was even pondering popping the question. After purposely making her think that diamond rings were way too expensive, I pulled the ring out of my jacket pocket. Her smile made it worth every dollar spent.

Less than six months later we got married on August 23rd, 1997. Praise God, she said YES. Outside of saying yes to Jesus she became the second best yes of my life. I have never had a lonely day since.

We started our marriage together at just 20 and 22 years old. We were simply kids who thought they knew what they were doing. Fortunately, this was all part of God’s divine plan. He grew us, watched over us, and kept our marriage from falling apart for 18 years.

I thought I loved my wife years ago. But, time has proven that I’m just learning how to love and appreciate her. I thank God for answered and unanswered prayers. For sending me someone that not only completes my sentences, but loves me unconditionally. Someone who makes me better just by her presence.

Many just see her as the preacher’s wife. I see her as the half that makes me whole. The one God uses daily to help me accomplish His mission in this life. I can promise you this for sure, my life would not be the same without her. Aimee Crosby thanks for giving me room to grow, supporting my dreams, and never leaving my side. I pray we share many more years together!

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