5 Things Your Pastor Needs You To Know

Me & Aimee B&W

1. He Has A Boss.
Yep, I have someone I report to daily. My boss sees everything I do and even knows my motives while doing it. Scripture tells me that I need to focus on pleasing God, not man. I have to let God lead me as I seek to lead others. A pastor is called, not hired. At the end of this life we will all give an account to God for what we’ve done and not done. I’m hoping to hear those words, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant.”
2. He Has A Family.
Scripture tells pastors that we must manage our family before we seek to manage the family of God. It means so much when others recognize and value a pastor’s family. I have a wife that deserves more than left overs. I have four boys that need a dad who just happens to be a preacher. Try to love your pastor’s family as much as he loves yours. As one pastor friend once said to a church member. “You go to bed with just your family in mind. I go to bed with countless families on my mind.”
3. He Has Limits.
In 20 years of ministry my humanity has been revealed on more than a few occassions. I’ve concluded that pleasing everyone is not an option. Even on my best day I can’t be everywhere, I can’t do everything, and I can’t make everyone happy. Over time I’ve realized that prayer can take things much further than me. I have to maintain a balance of my time and keep myself healthy. If I don’t stay healthy, I won’t be helpful for long.
4. He Has Issues.
Maybe there is a pastor out that thinks he is perfect. Personally, I’m a hot mess covered by the grace of God. I lose my patience. I say things I wish I never did. I have bills I can’t pay. I run out of energy often and have to go to the doctor when I get sick. As one lady said to me, “I realize you put on your pants just like the rest of us.” Remember that the next time you expect your pastor to act like an Angel with wings.
5. His Job Is Much Bigger Than Him Alone.
Many in churches sit back and expect the pastor to do all the work. Any church totally dependent upon the pastor for everything is a church bound to fail. Every believer is a part of the body of Christ. We’ve all been called to minister, just in different ways. A pastor is only as strong as those who surround him. A healthy church is made up of a group of unselfish believers who take seriously God’s commands and mission in this life. Pastors should be held to a higher standard, but so should all who claim to be Christ followers.

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