God’s Not Done With Me Yet

Pre-Surgery Prayer

Pre-Surgery Prayer

As I write this, tears are rolling down my face. I’m exhausted from getting up at 4am to see a dear friend prior to his triple bypass surgery. I’m even more relieved that God is not done with my friend just yet. At just 38 years of age, none of us saw this day coming. However, last friday revealed Trey Asbelle was facing a true life or death situation.

I learned quite a bit of history on the day Trey’s three major heart blockages were revealed. Heart issues run strong in his family. Trey’s dad passed away suddenly at age 42 from a heart attack. His granddad passed away at age 40 from the same. I’m more than certain these past statitics were rolling through trey’s head as he waited three long days for mandatory surgery. Doctor’s say he could easily have passed away anytime over the past year.

God gave me a strong peace as I stood by Trey’s bedside. I’ve learned over time that with God statistics are thrown out the window. With God in the mix it doesn’t matter what happened in the past, but simply what is God’s will in the present. I actually began to get excited deep within as I believe this is just the beginning of Trey’s God’s story.

Trey and I became friends after I was the hospice chaplain for his “Pops” or granddad. We also got to know each other through our mutual love for Gamecock Football. Trey has allowed me the opportunity to minister to nearly 100,000 Gamecock Born & Bred fans through his Facebook page that continues to grow. It was his idea that I continue to share weekly scripture and inspirational thoughts. He would always say, “I want this to be bigger than me and actually make a difference in people’s lives.” He never backed down from this statement as we still work together to this day.

During out time together, I’ve seen Trey come to faith in Christ and continue to grow in his faith. I’ve never doubted that God had big plans for a man who once only knew how to celebrate a ball team. As I shared on facebook of recent. “Often it takes the fear of losing what matters to realize what matters most.” I have no doubt that Trey has learned that lesson well.

As we gathered early for pre-surgery prayer, I only asked Trey to do one thing. I said, “Please make sure you don’t waste this God story. Because God is about to do something really special through your life.” I honestly believe Trey’s best days are yet to come. His faith in Christ has taken him far. Once again God has proven his faithfulness. May we all now pray for his continued recovery as God continues to write the next chapters of his God story.

My friends it doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what you’ve been through. God wants to use it all for you good and His glory! “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

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