This May Be Your Biggest Problem

Man On Dock Praying

What I’m about to write comes out of great conviction. All of us have our share of problems. Not every problem can be solved or easily diagnosed. But, I believe I’ve discovered one of my biggest problems. Sadly, it’s one I really hate to admit as a pastor. Here it goes….

I don’t pray enough. I talk about issues and I process things to death. I seek to allow my thought process to be guided by God’s word. But, I’m convinced that none of that can substitute for good old fashioned prayer. Now, I know faith without works is dead. However, prayer is likely the greatest act of faith we can demonstrate.

What is prayer? Prayer is wholeheartedly seeking the will of God. Prayer is putting on God’s shoulders what you just can’t handle on yours. Prayer is when you trust God with the overwhelming, frustrating, and impossible things in life. Prayer is connecting with a God who cares and who can do more than you could ever dream or imagine.

Ever wonder what message you just didn’t get because you didn’t seek God in prayer? Could there be miracles that have not occurred simply because you chose to do things in your own power? Could you just simply be surviving when earnest consistent prayer would take you to thriving?

It’s always stood out to me how much prayer was a part of Jesus’ life on this earth. (Luke 5:16) says, “Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” We discover time and time again where Jesus just had to get away. It didn’t matter what was going on around him. Prayer was not an afterthought, but a true priority. Through prayer Jesus found peace, direction, and strength. It seemed he was plugging into the greatest power source. His time in prayer helped him deal with life’s struggles. His time in prayer tuned his heart into God’s heart. His time in prayer empowered him to take up his cross and overcome the grave.

I wonder what difference prayer could make in my life. I’m certain it made a huge difference in Jesus’ life. It could reduce our stress, change our hearts, and breathe hope into every situation. Personally, I’ve tried really hard for a long time to fix things around me. I’m thinking it might be time to consistently seek God’s help and divine intervention. This could be the root of many of our problems.


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