Daddy, Can We Play?

Boys & Aimee 2014I’m a Pastor to many and husband to one of the greatest women on the planet. But, I’m beyond blessed to have four boys that call me daddy. Very soon I will have a 17, 15, 13, and 6 year old. Of course the youngest is beyond spoiled by us all.

Recently I bought him a Super Hero matching game. My hope was this would provide us with some quality times together. After over a week of being purchased, we finally played this simple matching game. Most of all, we did something that he enjoyed and allowed us quality time together.

His memory actually proved to be better than his mom and dad’s. He won all three games and was beyond excited for winning. I’m sure he would have loved for us to have hosted a victory parade throughout the streets of Walterboro.

I love seeing any of my kids smiling and knowing that we love them. I’m convinced that nothing communicates that love more than quality time together. It’s something I don’t feel I’ve do enough in the past, but I’m trying to change that trend.

Maybe you’ve got young kids or grandkids that God has blessed you with. If you’re not setting aside intentional time to spend with them you’re all missing out. We all know kids grow up way too fast. And, while they are still young it means so much for us to go out of our way to make time with them.

I’ve said this many times in the past. If everybody says I’m great, but my kids don’t feel I love them I’ve failed. I believe that love is best spelled TIME. If I can’t make time for them then I shouldn’t be spending time with anyone else.

Maybe it’s time you leave work earlier, you quit making time for everybody else, and you make time for that young man or woman who would give anything for your attention. As they say, rarely has anyone got to the end of life and said I wished I would have worked longer hours and spent more time away from my family. I pray this gives us all something to think about.

(Psalm 127:3) Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.

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