Sometimes You Gotta Decrease

I just got off the phone with my spinal cord stimulator rep. I informed her that I had my unit turned up way higher than ever over the past few days. And, that it’s as if my nerve pain is even worse and that the device is doing nothing. That my legs and lower back are worse than a week ago.

She said, “It sounds like you have been so over stimulated that it’s too saturated in there to do anything. What I need you to do is turn the entire device off for 2 hours. Then, turn it back on at a level 5 instead of 15. I have seen this situation with many others and it should help things to decrease the stimulation.

Honestly, I came close to crying over hearing those words. You see, I desperately needed to hear that things could improve and this was not all in my head. I have never given up hope so far, but after a few days with this level of nerve pain it takes you down quickly. While I’m used to some level of pain we all have our limits and we all need continuous hope.

So, I’ve turned off the unit for now. And I will dial back the settings to give myself greater hope. Sometimes things have to decrease in order for things to increase. Just like in order to become more of who God created us to be we have to become less of who we used to be so He can lead the way.

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30

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