Let Faith Arise

Not having a good day with my back at all. It won’t allow me to sit in any position and even laying down on my side is barely bearable. Most every night is tough, but this is my first really bad day in a week. It’s amazing how after all this time the pain in my lower back is just as bad as it was 2 years ago.

While I’ve been able to find ways to improve everything else the actual root of my pain has never changed. I can accept having moments of discomfort the rest of my life. But, the level of pain in my lower back has got to change. I will be seeking out further professional opinions in time. And, I would be open to further surgery if that’s what it takes for a chance at greater relief.

But, I would never enter another major surgery without lots of insight and belief it’s the right step. Main thing is I can’t allow how that pain makes me feel physically to affect my approach to rehab mentally. I’ve gained some momentum the past 7 days and I don’t want to lose my recovery rhythm. It’s no easy task and only with God’s help can I keep moving forward.

“But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
Matthew 19:26

1 Comments on “Let Faith Arise”

  1. This message does not come from an expert, but from your friend. Keep your eyes upon Jesus. This truly is the toughest walk you will ever face in life. There are many things that can trigger our pain…one if them is anxiety. I had so much anxiety last month that I had pain in my back, my stomach, and my chest. I was worried to the point of thinking I may be having a heart attack. To the emergency room I went. After many tests and medication to relax and ease my pain… relief. Then I realized that I had created the scenario all on my own. Our brain is a funny thing, it can send us into a panic filled, pain filled cycle. A cardiologist told me years ago that I was causing my own high blood pressure and pain…something I remembered after the fact. Ihope that in your times of pain you are able to pray and relax in God’s arms. I had relaxation CD’s that I figured I didn’t need anymore. Well, I need them. Please find some type of help in this area. And, don’t overdo exercise if your body is not accepting of it. Doing too much can hurt you, too. I’ve learned to rest when my body tells me to and have stopped apologizing for it. I tend to push myself to the limit, and these last few months have really worn on me, but that trip to the ER, was my latest wake up call. God be with you, My Brother In Christ. You are still and always will be in my prayers.


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